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2020-05-11 20:14:15 (UTC)

Murguia x Maris: Part 1:

From Rolando x Maris:
Jorge = Amigo
Maris = Amiga Victim

07-25-2018: First Meet:
Maris: (puts my Stuff away for the assignment, and falls)
Murguia: Maris. It's me Jorgi.
Maris: Who are you?! (Kicks)
Murguia: Jorge
Maris: Jorge? Call 10/10
Jorge: Got you. (Calls 10/10)
7-27-2018: Murguia And Maris Outside:
Maris: Kat.
Katie: Sis! You just made your french class!
Maris: Well thanks.
Murguia: Listen Maris, you are going to Luwow Party, and invite everyone.
Maris: Umm Okay.
08-08-2018: Santos, Maris, Murguia: Coffee Talk:
Maris: Yes Friend!
Murguia: That's what friends do.
Santos: Maris, Rolando will be back in school, so we're here for us!
Maris: Aww thanks!
(Maris' phone ringed)
Maris: Yeah? Mommy! Umm I have the assignment! Okay, bye. It's my mom.
Murguia: You have to go?
Maris: Umm no.
08-09-2018: Your boyfriend is back:
Murguia: Your boyfriend is back
Maris: Aaah! Redona!!!
Rolando: Hey Maris!
8-10-2018: Go talk to her:
Tav: Go talk to her
Murguia: Yeah Talk to the princess.
Maris: Kat, hold my bag!
8-17-2018: Mr Suave:
Rolando: Bro!
Murguia: Rolan, your vida!
Maris: Oh shit!
Katie: (laughing)
Maristellar: That wasn't me!
09-03-2018: Homecoming:
Murguia: Valerie?
Valerie: Yeah?
Murguia: Do you know Maris?
Valerie: Several years.
Maris: Val!
Valerie: Maris, what's up?
Maris: Umm I just posted on Instagram that Esteban is so ugly yesterday and we went for the homecoming shopping with my mom. (goes to Instagram, and scrolls the pic)
Andi: Maris, I love your gown!
Maris: Thank you!
9-12-2018: Rolando, your girlfriend is crying:
(Rolando is texting Maris' sister)
Tav: Wow! So quiet, and how do we have to save Maris!
Rolando: Good question Tav Shut up!
(Murguia enters)
Murguia: Bro?
Rolando: What happened?
Murguia: Your girlfriend is crying. She just screamed for the neighbors to kill them.
Tav: Wait, are we gonna pick up Maris?
Santos: Yeah bro!
Rolando: Oh shit!!!!! (running)
(Maris Crying)
Jonny: Wait up guys!! (running)
(the boys are just started running)
Katie: Wait boys!!! (runs)
09/13/2018: I hold your bra open:
Jorge: Here? (takes your locker key)
Maris: (opens the locker, and loads the bra) What is this?
Jorge: I think it's your bra.
9/21/2018: Speed up!
Maris: (drives faster)
Murguia: Why did you speed up Maris?
Maris: Quiet, I'm driving!!!
Sister of Murguia: Maris, you cheated Esteban Remember! You are gonna turned right.
Maris: Okay. Katie will be back.
Sister of Murguia 2: Katie, just go!
Katie: No.
10-15-2018: Calling Esteban:
Murguia: Maris wait. (Calls Esteban)
(Maris started cleaning up the car)
Murguia: Hello. Do not come over to Maris, because she hates you.
Maris: I'll handle the phone! (Calls Esteban) Hello!
(Esteban's House: Living Room)
Esteban: Hi Babe!
Maris: Shut up! I am not your babe.
(Esteban's House: Living Room)
Esteban: Ooh!
Maris: (end call, crying)
Murguia: You okay?
Maris: No. Esteban is not my babe anymore.
Murguia: I know amiga, I went to your courthouse, and the judge Elena send the letter about the cheating letter from school, and it was against the law. I just recorded your phone. Just go away for him. (Holds your bag in the car)
10-20-2018: "Get out!"
(Andre, Maris, Murguia, Torres, Redona and Katie are in the car driving to Esteban's House)
Andre: Show me your phone.
Maris: (Scrolls down the photo, and founded on Esteban on September 28th, 2018) It was him. Kim was there in Esteban's house. I just sawed.
Andre: (looks in your phone) Okay. (kisses your cheek)
Rolando: Calm down Maris, everything will be okay.
Andre: (gaves your phone back, stops the car) Wanna come?
Maris: Sure!
Murguia: Me too.
Andre: Redona, Jorgi and Kat, just stay in the car!
Kat, Redona and Torres: Okay.
(Katie starts taking the Video camera on)
Torres: What are you doing Kat?
Katie: I'm recording.
Torres: Turn it down Katherine!
Katie: Sorry.
(Esteban's House:Outside of the door/Living Room)
Andre: (knocking)
Esteban: Hi Andre, Murguia and Babe--
Maris: (slaps Esteban) How dare you to this to me?! You break up with me for the last several years about my photo. Huh. You fucked up with the last 1 month, and there are bunch of friends with me in the car, including with my boyfriend. What the fuck! Huh? I cheated on you! (panting) You scolded with me! And why are you gonna hit me on the face. It's your birthday! Huh! You are 24! You are dead!! (crying) See I have the letter for you. It's from the September 2018 Message that I just printed out the last sheet. On 5th period.
Esteban: What do you mean?
Maris: Just get out of my sight!
Andre: Maris, please do not slap Esteban. He's your old boyfriend
Maris: Andre. He cheated on me remember. (hug)
Andre: (hug) Stop crying. Just stop crying.
Murguia: Sorry about my best friend's girlfriend, because she cheated on you.
Andre: And Maris sent the dna test just for you. (gaves the DNA Test)
Esteban's Mom: Andre, thank you for the dna test for Maris.
Andre: You're welcome, enjoy the party.
(Andre, Maris and Murguia are exiting)
(Maris House: Bedroom/Bathroom)
(Maris is doing her assignment)
Mom: Maris! How was Esteban's party?
Katie: Actually Maris cannot go.
Mom: What happened to your right eye?
Maris: It's just the mosquito bites.
Katie: Mom, Esteban slapped Maris on the face after Maris just kicked out.
Mom: Maris, I am so sorry about your eye.
Maris: It's just a punch.
Mom: Who's fault?
Murguia: It was Esteban's fault
10-21-2018: DNA Test Results:
Murguia: Have you cheated?
Maris: Who?
Murguia: Esteban?
Maris: Yes.
Ernie: Dude Maris, You are cheated by your ex! Yes! (hi five)
Maris: (hi five) (drinks beer)
Murguia: Next one, Is Maris has the sexual effect?
Maris: Lie
Murguia: Okay.
10-22-2018: Mosquito Bites:
Rolando: Did you hit?
Maris: Esteban slapped me on the face!
Murguia: She was right.
Maris: I know. (gets rid of the pimple)
10-26-2018: Nobody invites Maris:
Esteban: Thank you for coming Jeff.
Jeff: You're welcome, I think your party looks awesome not for them.
(Maris 😲)
Murguia: Maris, what happened?
Katie: Maris, you missed it!
Maris: Esteban just kicked me out of his bday party. (goes to vending machine, insert the $1 bill, and gets the Hot cheetos) Is this mine?
Murguia: Yeah It is.
Esteban: Maris, you are so stupid.
Rico: Esteban just stop it!
Torres: Maris didn't invite, because she is very mad.
Rico: Maris, just ignore him okay?
Maris: Ok.
11-14-2018: Save Maris:
Santos: Bro, You have to save Maris.
Rolando: Why?
Santos: Someone just murdered at Maris.
Rolando: Dude! Stop! I need to call Katie.
Katie: But I am here! Do you want to come?
Murguia: I'm good.
11-16-2018: Viral Pictures:
Maris: (types Viral Folder) (Opens the Photo app, and scrolls down the Photo about the September 28, 2018)
(printer whirring)
Maris: Andre, Murguia? You are gonna see this Picture.
(Andre and Murguia are looking the Picture)
Murguia: That Photo is so good!
Maris: Thanks.
12-05-2018: Esteban talks to Murguia:
Maris: What the fuck are you doing here Jorge?
Jorge: Maris, I am talking to Esteban.
Maris: Get out of him! (gets on the phone)
12-14-2018: Murguia and Maris are spending time in house/ Prank Part 2:
Maris: Umm thank you for coming. But I have the assignment to do.
Murguia: What chapter?
Maris: It's the chapter 16.
(Maris, Murguia, Rolando and Andrea L are throwing stuff at Esteban's house again)
12-17-2018: Dentist Appointment/ Circle:
Maris: (texts Murguia: My teeth felled out, but it hurts myself)
Circle Clip: (Maris' Basement):
Ruben Felipe: Maris, how was your dentist?
Maris: Great. I just cleaned for my cavities!
Murguia: Bro, that's the deal, because Maris just came back from her appointment
Ruben Felipe: True Jorge! (gets my candy out of my pocket) Condoms. (eats one condom)
12-19-2018: Must Be Friends/ Circle:
Maris: Just gonna take the class photo
Murguia: Same
Circle Clip: [Maris' Basement]:
Murguia: So, who just stole one of the test papers at school?
Maris: Umm that wasn't me! It was Rico.
Rolando: (texts Jorge T: Just come to Maris' Basement) Okay Jorge is coming!
(Jorge enters the Maris Basement)
Jorge: What's up guys! (sits on the couch)
Maris, Rolando, Murguia: Hey!
Rolando: Rico just failed for his exam test.
Maris: So, he will bring Rico to come home!
Murguia: Umm he's with his sister on the shopping spree to buy some college clothes at the store.
12-23-2018: Night at the Party:
Rolando: Babe, can you bring the Drink that I usually make?
Maris: Yeah.
Murguia: Katie just talked to the other girls.
Maris: Oh wow.
01-17-2019: Hurted by you Maris:
Murguia: Maris, I need to stop asking your babe.
Maris: (llorar) I know, Esteban just drowned myself again, and my mom picked me up for the law enforcement for the car accident, and this is what happened.
Murguia: Maris, stress yourself. Nothing will change to be able around you. (gets your rain coat)
(Rain starts pouring)
01-29-2019: Rolan is not here:
(Murguia and Val are kissing)
Murguia: Don't worry Baby, I'll get you a rose
(Maris enters, as she was holding a magazine)
Maris: Jorgi!
Jorgi: Maris, what's up?
Maris: Have you seen Rolan?
Jorgi: Rolan is not here!
Maris: (brawls)
01-30-2019: Murguia vs Maris:
(Maris is staring at Rolando)
Maris: Rolan!!! (running and hugs)
Rolando: Hi Maris! (hug)
Maris: I missed you!
Rolando: I missed you too Maris. (kisses your forehead)
Katie: Welcome back Rolando!
Rolando: Thanks Katie! I just got sick.
Katie: So, you mad at Maris?
Rolando: Shut up!
Maris: Rolando, do you go to school?
Rolando: (shakes No)
Murguia: Maris got first!
Maris: As I was saying!!!!
Murguia: I kissed Val!
Maris: What?????
02-07-2019: Birthday Gift:
Maris: For you!
Murguia: (opens the present) Thanks Maris!
Maris: You're welcome
Valerie: Hope you have a great gift!
Maris: Thanks.
03-05-2019: Stealing is still wrong:
Maris: So stupid about this 20 year old man! I hate him so much, because he just stealed the magazine, and this is very slutty.
Murguia: Relax Maris, It's just David right?
Maris: Of course it is.
Valerie: Itzel?
Itzel: Yeah?
Valerie: Jorge and Maris are still talking together.
Itzel: Hi Guys!
Maris and Murguia: Hey, what's up amiga.
Itzel: Nothing much.
Maris: Itzel, we just gonna to stop us for the ice cream.
Itzel: Okay, I'll meet you there!
Maris: Great call Itzel. (calls Kesia) Kesi. It's Maris. Umm wanna go for the Ice cream dates with the girls?
(Kesia is in school):
Kesia: Maris, umm I am having the assignment right now, can we talk later?
(Maris at school):
Maris: Okay. Bye!
Maria Jose: Maris, this is what happened to Esteban?
Maris: Maria Jose, I got the fight with him, and he tried to ghosted me out of this, and I was having the middle finger with him.
Naomi: Unfortunately, Maris, Esteban just dumped you, and you just backed off with him with his fingers snapped at us. And we went for the Friendsgiving right?
Maris: Yes Naomi. (gets my phone out, and scrolls the picture of the Friendsgiving)
Any B: Murguia?
Murguia: Yeah?
Any B: Rumor has it! Esteban just hated on Maris.
Murguia: Umm skip the topic.
03-06-2019: Jorge Is wrong:
Jorge: Offer?
Maris: (pays my card, and swipes the card)
Jorge: What's your pin number?
Maris: (middle finger)
03-07-2019: Quitting the Job:
Murguia: Maris?
Maris: (drops my bag) What?
Murguia: I have the secret first?
Maris: What?
Murguia: (whispers to your ear) I found your bras in the house!
Maris: No way!
Carlos: Bro, get Maris jobs done!
Maris: Whoa Carlos, this is my point.
3-8-2019: Knee Injury:
Nurse: Murguia, thank you for the request.
(Nurse exits)
Maris: This is Esteban's fault.
Murguia: Maris, Just stop.
3-9-2019: Party Again:
(everyone dancing, Indistinct Chattering)
Maris: I need Vodka!
Murguia: Okay.
Waiter: Vanilla vodka?
Maris: Yes please!
Waiter: Coming right up.
3-11-2019: Give Rolando a Kiss:
Maris: I gave you one!
Rolando: Thank you Maris
Murguia: Give Rolando a kiss.
Maris: Jorge!!!!
Murguia: Just gave him one!
(Maris just kissed Rolando once)
03-12-2019: Circle:
[Maris' House: Basement]
Maris: Thanks everyone for the Asian Food contest for the first time.
Jorge T: Wow! (gets my fish udon noodles) I think your fridge looks good!
Maris: Yes, very colorful! (eats udon fish noodles)
Murguia: So, my teacher Ms Katie who just suspended over for the first time, and Rico is a bitch sometime.
Maris: What? (eats udon noodles) I was being a happier just like these fish udons
Rico: Guys, Jorge! Stop telling me that I am not suspended over the Ms Katie's classroom for the second semester! But guys Maris is just a great best friend of hers.
Fawn: Maris, are you done eating the fish udons?
Maris: Almost mom!
Fawn: I'll set up the Laundry clothes onto your bedroom for later!
Maris: Okay Mom!
(Fawn exits)
Rico: Is that your mom?
Maris: Yeah
Rico: Tomorrow, we have to go on the Last Spring Festival.
Jorge T: Sounds good!
Murguia: Yeah Maris dress looks like the hippie in the 70s.
03-13-2019: Festival:
Maris: Is this the Last Spring Festival?
Murguia: Yeah. On Saturday!
Maris: I will wear the festival dress, and show it to to my Boyfriend!
Murguia: Lucky Maris!
03-14-2019: Static Maris Circle:
Murguia: She just screamed for the static during her horror movie in 3rd period.
Maris: No not true! (gets my sleeping mask)
Torres: She's snoozed!
03-15-2019: Possibly Maris:
Maris: Murguia? How was the Cancun parties?
Murguia: Actually we don't.
Maris: (sighs)
03-18-2019: Rest of my life:
Murguia: What happened?
Maris: Somebody just ruined my recording tapes during my class activity. (looks at my recording tape for what Davi Did)
03-20-2019: Kissing:
Rolando: What's going on?
Maris: Babe, Esteban got the knife!
Rolando: Jealousy!
(Murguia and Katie are taking a video)
(they kissed)
Katie: (stops the video) Oh whoa whoa! What the fuck are you doing?
Rolando: *slaps Katie harder*
04-08-2019: Circle: Murguia, Emilio, Maris and Katie:
[Maris' House: Basement]:
Murguia: Rolando did not showed up lately because he is with his friends, but I will stay at school.
Maris: I know. (gets a tissue and wipes my mascara) I missed my baby.
Katie: No crying during the circle.
Emilio: Are you okay Maris?
Maris: Yeah.
04-09-2019: The one that got away:
Murguia: True fact Maris. He's here.
Maris: Okay.
4-10-2019: Esteban is Gay/ Circle: Maris' Basement:
Murguia: Maris, can you tell us?
Maris: Sure. See. I have the dream, Esteban is so upset about me.
Rolando: Well sure.
Katie: What is it?
Maris: Esteban is Gay.
Rolando, Murguia and Noel: Oooh!
Katie: (laughing falling down)
Maris: Well Esteban dressed as a nurse.
Rolando: (laughing)
Xime: Maris, what happened?
Maris: (still laughing) Esteban dressed as a nurse.
Ximena: (laughing) That's great!!!!
Maris: Spongy.
(Torres enters the Maris House)
Torres: I just came back from school!
Maris: (still laughing)
Torres: Why is so funny?
Maris: Jorgi you can tell that Esteban is Gay.
Torres: Oooh! See, Maris You can tell that your ex is gay.
Maris: Esteban dressed as a nurse!
Torres: Nurse. Nurse who?
Maris: Esteban is the nurse.
Torres: So who does it?
(Flashback Begins)
Nurse: Welcome to Sexy Torres. What do I got for you?
Torres: Well, I need for the headaches
(Nurse gets the sponge out and rubs Torres chest)
Torres: (chuckles) So good! (stares at Esteban)
[Esteban]: Torres, is that you?
Torres: Aah!
[Esteban]: What's wrong!
Torres: Aaah!
(Flashback ends)
Murguia: What's wrong!
Torres: Aaah!
Murguia: Torres! It's just me!
Torres: Dude stop!
Maris: Weird story
Circle: Maris Basement: (Torres, Noel, Maris, Rolando, Murguia and Gio):
Torres: Don't worry Maris, get used to it for the lesbian pride!
Maris: (opens the fresh gum, and chews gum quietly) You see Jorge, because Esteban wanted to be my pride, but Esteban is ugly.
Murguia: Well, (ties my shoes) I'm sorry it's just my shoe.
Rolando: Bro, Esteban is usually a lesbian because Maris just broked Esteban's heart, and he just melted himself, and he doesn't seen this for the gay pride allowed. But I will kill him myself again.
Murguia: Rolando, I think we needed to send the photo to Esteban, what about you Gio?
Gio: What? Umm Maris just cheated Esteban because Esteban is gay, and he cut his hair off, and he dresses as a Bloody Mary Gay style.
Maris: That's not true Gio! (goes on my photo app, and found Esteban as a gay) See, you are right Gio, because he's gay!
Rolando, Noel, Murguia: Oooooo!
Torres: I dreamed a nurse, and Esteban wanted to feed me no way!
Maris: I know exactly Jorge!
Torres: Yeah you do. Now let me watch the stars! (stares at the stars) (chuckles)
Maris: Being a porno is what we do Jorge T!
Torres: (puts on my crew socks) See I am going to school one day, and I found Kiara on my vday dance in 2019.
Maris: Absolutely right! (gets the pictures of my drawer, and shows everyone for the Esteban picture) Is He gay?
Gio: Maris, yes! Stop showing about the gay pictures!
04-11-2019: Gay Pride Decision:
At School: ASB: Maristellar prints some of the gay pictures:
Ashley Victoria: Hi Maris, would you want the gay photos?
Maristellar: Yeah, it was right there! (drinks starbucks coffee) I think it was vanilla.
(Murguia enters)
Murguia: Ashley?
Ashley Victoria: Who are you?
Murguia: Maristellar found some of the gay photos.
Ashley Victoria: Sorry, we're out of copies Jorge.
Murguia: That's okay.
04-12-2019: Connecting the wire before the Penis starts:
(Maris starts connecting the wires during her school year)
Murguia: Maris, what are you doing?
Maris: Umm I have science project to work on. (connects the wire again) Okay, I just made the science project, and nobody cannot do this without my mom.
Carlos Z: See Maris, I told you have the nice date with Rolando.
Maris: I know. (takes out my science textbook) Penis.
(Murguia and Carlos are looking the human male body for the word Penis)
(Rolando enters the school)
Rolando: Warm Vanilla Perfume?
Maris: I have to spray outside!
(Maris goes outside, and sprays the perfume)
(Maris gets back inside)
Murguia: Dude, She's hot man!
04-15-2019: Honking And Humiliation:
(Maris honks the chicken toy to Murguia)
Murguia: Great, now please stop honking the chicken
04-17-2019: Grease:
Rolando: So, you think about the Grease!
Maris: Yeah actually!
Murguia: Damn right!
At School: Maris and Andrea are walking to school, and they see Rolando, Murguia, and Torres are talking each other:
Murguia: Woow!
Torres: Ooh Hot!
Maris: Tell me about it Rolando!
Rolando: (singing) I got chills
They're multiplying
And I'm losing control
'Cause the power you're supplying
It's electrifying!
(Torres, Andrea, And Murguia are getting excited, as Maris dances to this song)
Maris: (singing) You better shape up
'Cause I need a man
And my heart is set on you
You better shape up
You better understand
To my heart I must be true
Nothing left
Nothing left for me to do
Both (Rolando X Maris): You're the one that I want
Oo-oo-oo, honey
The one that I want
Oo-oo-oo, honey
The one that I want
Oo-oo-oo, the one I need
Oh, yes, indeed
(You're the one that I want Instrumental)
Rolando: Hello Miss Sandy, would you like to go out with me?
Maris: Aww I do!
(they kissed, and Torres, Murguia and Andi are shocked for the first kiss)
04-22-2019: Circle: Talking about Esteban:
At Maris House: Basement:
Murguia: Okay, we need a panties.
Maristellar: (opens the drawer, shows a thong panties at everyone) Cool right?
Murguia: Yeah you are right.
04-24-2019: Your too sick!:
Maris: (vomiting again)
Murguia: Maris, Esteban slapped you
Maris: I'm drunk okay!
04-29-2019: Circle:
Rolando: At the end of the each round, I got the terror of the costume, because my friend just kissed my ass, and Maris still having a party.
Mau: Same point Rolando! Why did Maris talking to her so much?
Rolando: (gets the cigarette and smokes) Want cigarette?
Maris: (gets your cigarette and smokes) Sure! I am the only gangster in the world.
Emilio: No you are not Maris, I need some snow shoes.
(Emilio gets Maris snow shoes, and puts on)
Katie: Emilio, that's Maris.
Emilio: So sorry.
Katie: That's okay. (gets my academic planner, and writes it down for the schedule)
Murguia: So when my girls are going to go for the night graduation, Itzel is still running next to Maris, and she started to hugged me as possible. But Maris needs to change for her wedding day to get married Rolando on their December afternoons.
Maris: Aww really! (dips the celery with the peanut butter, and eats it) Thank you Jorge! I think Itzel and Valerie are the cutest girls of the world. Then, when I walked into Itzel's house, and she came for her sweet 16, she opened the door, and there was a stripper.
05-01-2019: Killing Esteban's Things:
(Murguia swings the picture frame with the baseball bat)
Murguia: Try it.
(Maris just swing the vase out)
Maris: There! I cheated on Esteban on purpose!
05-03-2019: French Kiss:
Maris: Just stare!
Murguia: No.
Maris: Until then Esteban will punished me.
Murguia: Just hold the knife, when he comes.
Maris: Ok.
05-06-2019: Loser Maris:
Andre: Rolando, Maris lost
Rolando: 2nd place and weaknesses
Maris: (takes off my active bra) Touch my boobs.
(Rolando touches your boobs)
Maris: (puts on my active bra) Jeff wins, Me what a wreck!
Murguia: Win next time
Maris: Yeah You are right.
05-09-2019: Winner Jeff, Loser goes to Maris:
(Maris' House: Bedroom):
Andrea L: I know Maris, Jeff just win the computer competition!
Maris: I kmow, so fucked up! (llorar)
Murguia: Then Maris wins the computer lab.
05-15-2019: They're together, Bra Sessions:
(Maris got the vs bras for school)
Rolando: Bra?
Maris: Yeah.
Murguia: $29
Maris: Owe you. (gets the dollar)
05-16-2019: You are gonna get wet!:
Murguia: See, I told you Maris, you are still sick, and you just drowned
Maris: (takes off my jacket, and my pants) Yeah So?
Mau: Maris, you are wet.
Maris: Yeah I know. (takes out my Bag from everything in the school supplies) My folder just got soaked, but I needed to be dried.
Andre: Maris, you have studying next day.
Maris: That's cool.
05-17-2019: Prom Part 1:
Murguia: Valerie, We have to talk about the circle
Valerie R: Sure why not!
Maris: Valerie! Your outfit looks fabulous!
Valerie R: Thanks! (borrows your dress)
Maris: (puts on my makeup and hair done, especially the Prom dress)
Sherlyn: Maris, thanks for the invite!
Maris: Appreciate it!
05-18-2019: Prom Part 2/Circle: Prom:
Maris: Sam?
Sam: Maris, How was your day?
Maris: Great. Umm What happened to Bri?
Sam: She cheated on me.
Maris: Awww okay
Murguia: Are you dancing?
Maris: Umm No.
Circle Clip:
At Gaslamp: Balcony:
Murguia: Maris, thanks for coming!
Maris: You're welcome! (drinks Water) I think this food looks fancy.
Noel: You are right Maris. Your dress looks good. Itzel?
Itzel: Hi guys! Umm may I chat with Maris?
Murguia: Hector didn't come.
Itzel: I know right. (fixes my prom dress) Vanessa and Aylen are coming over for tonight tomorrow for Maris bday party.
Murguia: Yeah Maris! Your bday is tomorrow!
Maristellar: I know.
Aylen: Do you win the race with Jeff?
Maristellar: No.
Itzel: You are still in the 2nd place! Last place.
05-19-2019: Recieve the Gift:
Maris: Thanks Murguia! (opens the gift bag) (shocks) I love Tank tops! Thank you!!!
Murguia: You're welcome!
Itzel: How was your bday party?
Maris: Great! (gets my phone out)
Ximena: Omg, your outfit is so pretty!
Maris: Thanks guys!
Ximena: This is for you for being a good friend in class!
Maris: (opens the present) Oh my gosh, my lava lamp! Thank you! (abrazo)
Ximena: You're welcome! (abrazo)