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2020-05-11 13:54:21 (UTC)

Glorious Day

Thank goodness I am small. I am forced to live in absolute confusion. I have not had a fridge, stove, or cable in nearly 4 years. Trying to avoid harassment. I have holes all over my ceiling where " the people upstairs" methodically feed all kinds of dirt in my house. The toilet has been hissing and all or the drains have been SLOW since November. That's five months. The upstairs apartment runs childrens toys from room to room and when I try to sleep they scraped the walls with wire hangers like Freddie Kreuger. I survive with no quiet, no food, or decent clothes. It's so friendly in this building that my clothes have been ruined til I have nothing but stretchpants and some off size hoodies
Either gigantic and moth eaten or a mens size medium starched out. I still took the time to wish all the mothers Happy Mothers Day. I was able to sleep last night and I have not been touched by a bug since March. I'm thankful to know that I don't have much. I may need to leave this situation . But, I am beaming! because all my mental facilities are here. I can choose to repeat the mundane scuttle to my door, playing it, shredding with boarders, smiling for the camera, weight watching and dodging selfish drug addicts. I can blink and swallow while blinding bone crunching pain shows me tortures that I alone survived. I can see these things now. Clarity. To me it doesn't matter if I make (8/HR unlimited) mouth or a rich kid income. I love myself. I am fighting misconception and mismanagement. Glad to better understand that dismissing a bitch don't mean she's gone. Self aware a glorious day.

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