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2020-05-10 23:21:43 (UTC)

Being in sync with life 😋

I dunno. Maybe it's the wine I"m drinking. Maybe I finally got my mind rested with all this sleep. I don't know. I just know I feel so in sync with life right now. Dang, I hope this isn't the peace people feel before they keel over. haha. I just know I'm at so much peace right now.

You know, I'm not with anyone. So yes, there is that. But unlike in the past, I'm not craving or pining to be with anyone. I am alone yes but I am not lonely. Can't explain the feeling. I'm happy with myself. I don't need anyone right now. Sure, I'd like someone to be here in my life one day but it's not a must have. I am ok. Because in the long run, I know I got this. Whomever I hook up with will be fantastic.

I have my opportunities. I do have windows opening in my life and I'm not idiot. I know and see when someone flirts with me and all I have to do is step up to the plate. There are some hotties that I'm thinking what the hell would that hot babe want anything to do with me? It's just that the women I meet, although awesome, is maybe not the right fit for me. So I don't take it.

I'm not saying I'm better because I'm not. I just don't feel like they'd fit my lifestyle. Believe me, I've been turning down hotties. If I let my pervness do the talking, I'd have hooked up many times already. The thing is, I don't have to have someone to be with me. I am happy with me being alone. Alone only means "All one". To me, being all one is ok. I'm not desperate. I"m not lonely. I mean if I really wanted to just get laid or not be alone, it really isn't all that hard. Sure, the last two choices I made were wrong. I didn't say I was the smartest. It's cool. I made mistakes but I do learn from them.

The next time, I will follow a couple rules from my friend on this site. I think it's a good rule to follow. . Gotta be local. Gotta be single. haha. But yeah... I know good things are coming around the corner. I will get there. I have no fear of being alone like some people. It's all good. I know what I have and I have plenty to offer. My peacock feathers kick ass. Ok, time to finish by bottle of red wine now :)