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2020-05-10 20:54:54 (UTC)

Am I sick? Not sure 🤔

Not sure if something is wrong with me. This weekend was sorta weird for my body. A couple of unusual things going on. I've been sleeping way too much. Even when I wake up from a good sleep, I still wake up sleepy and can go right back to sleep if I choose to. Also, I've been in the mood for s-e-x a lot too. But come to think of it, I'm always in the mood so scratch that problem I guess.🤪 But sleep? Yeah, that's not the norm. I usually stay up late and get very little sleep. Now? I slept more this weekend than any weekend I can ever recall. Got me a little worried but then, I know there are people that can't go to sleep so if there was a lesser of two evils, I'll take this one. Bonus is I can't spend money asleep so it's all good.

Otherwise, today was a mellow day. Cleaned up a little around the house the few moments I was awake so it's all good. I called, emailed, or texted a happy Mothers day to some of the Moms I knew. No weird phone calls, emails, or texts. I think it was a good day from what little I remember of it. So now I'm up. I guess I should shower. Can't have my truck looking cleaner than I am. Then watch a few shows on tv till I fall asleep.

It was a good weekend overall. Some of my friends are MIA but I'm guessing they are partying way too hard so it's all good. Happy Mothers day to everyone :)

P.S. Took a shower finally!! hehe. Wearing Carlisle by Parfum De Marly tonight.