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2020-05-11 00:13:43 (UTC)

Guessing Astrological Charts!: Romantic Movie Characters

Before I get into this, I'm only going to be guessing the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars signs. Jupiter to Pluto don't interest me as much and it may be because I don't understand them as much. There is also Chiron, but that I've only learned about this year. I don't know much about it, but I know my Chiron sign is Gemini. Being a Capricorn, I'm very different from Gemini and while Cancer is my opposite sign, I feel like the sign I am most different from is Leo. Anyways, I find it kind of cool that there is a Gemini element in my chart. A trait of some Geminis can be that they love to write and are good at it. Also, they might write a lot because that goes along with the stereotype of them talking a lot. Although, I've met Geminis who were quiet. That's why I specifically, called it out as a stereotype. But, yeah... I love to write a lot. Anyways, I love going off on tangents (as you can tell), but I hate them in math, and cosigns because I forget what they are! I can probably still do some algebra and geometry, but I forget what those 2 things even are! I think there was a 3rd thing that went along with them. Something to Google after I write this entry. And now... on to what I actually meant to write about! (Lol!):

Character: The Phantom (Phantom Of The Opera, played by Gerard Butler)
Sun: Scorpio
Moon: Scorpio

He's so intense and romantic, I can't see him as anything other than a Scorpio. There's probably other influences, though... no one is 100% one sign, I don't think...

Mercury... I will say Libra because he talks about what he finds to be beautiful, often.

Venus... Scorpio. Has to be! Venus is romance and he is intensely romantic as a Scorpio can be!

Mars... I will say Libra because he seems driven by what he finds to be beautiful.


Character: Christian (Moulin Rouge!, played by Ewan McGregor)
Sun: Cancer
Moon: Pisces

He seems to stay lost in his romantic dreams. Pisces are big daydreamers, but he's fun, goofy, sociable and sensitive, so that's Cancer.

Mercury... Cancer. He's not very much like Gemini or Leo, which are the only other 2 placements he could have Mercury in, if his sun sign is Cancer.

Venus... Libra. He's all about freedom, beauty, truth and love!

Mars... Pisces. Like my husband. I just have a feeling... πŸ˜‰


Character: Orlando (The Immigrant, played by Jeremy Renner)
Sun: Sagittarius
Moon: Libra

He's fun and seems to like travelling, which is Sagittarius, but he also notices and appreciates the beauty in the world, which is Libra.

Mercury... Sagittarius.

Venus... Libra. He's romantic in a light-hearted way.

Mars... Libra. He seems light-hearted and fun.


Character: Captain Von Trapp (The Sound Of Music, played by Christopher Plummer)
Sun: Virgo
Moon: Virgo

He's very orderly and wants everything to be perfect.

Mercury... He's very direct. That's very much Virgo.

Venus... Virgo. He seems very much like a Virgo!

Mars... Capricorn. This is still quite reserved and probably as much like Virgo as you can get without being Virgo. I think the other earth sign, Taurus, is more different from Virgo than Capricorn would be. So, he sounds kind of boring and stuffy just from these placements and he seems that way in the movie at first, but he is really so dreamy! ::SIGH::

Just for fun, top 4 out of these characters (obviously!), I would date!:

4. Captain Von Trapp - Yeah, he has to be last... He's still the most boring of the 4!

3. The Phantom - He's incredibly sexy and intense and romantic... but, at the same time as all that, too dramatic.

2. Christian - He's super sweet and romantic, but not quite my type.

1. Orlando - Totally my type! Was Jeremy Renner just kind of playing himself in this movie? Lol. I LOVE Jeremy Renner. My only reservations are that he is way too famous and rich (those are actually kind of issues...!) and I'm a little unsure about him because of all the drama with him and his ex-wife. Personally, she seems like the bad guy, but... "innocent until proven guilty". Still... it makes him seem iffy.

Whereas... Joji, seems to be an open book. He's crazy enough to do all the Filthy Frank stuff and keep those videos around and I love him for that. I love his edginess, but that he also seems really sweet and romantic and... Also like a nice, intelligent, goofy, cute, highly creative and normal guy.

When I watch Jacksepticeye, he reminds me of my husband so much of the time and I adore him. There's a good chance I'd like him more than Joji, only Joji's edgier and... single???

Yeah, even if these are people I'll more than likely never meet (and even if I do, what are the chances we would date?), I still feel bad liking someone who's with someone else! Lol.

I guess that didn't matter several months ago when I had a massive crush on Vsauce who is married. Well... several months ago, I was in much worse shape mentally, than I am now. I still find Vsauce attractive, but really what happened was, I had this super sweet dream about him and THAT'S what made me have a crush on him for a couple of months... which, is how long a crush is supposedly supposed to last.

Speaking of crushes... to conclude this long rambling entry(!), I have a real-life crush again! I don't want to write anything about him in here just yet, though, but there's my confession to it! Because there's no way I'm telling anyone in real life! There is at least one person I COULD tell, but I'd have to be very, very careful that no one else is around, especially not him!

Just him saying "Good morning," to me can make my whole morning great!

But... enough now!

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