London Life
2020-05-10 23:05:37 (UTC)

Nothing's changing

The Prime Minister - in a recorded bulletin, he couldn't be trusted to do it live - announced that exercise will now be unlimited (not just once a day) and travel is less restricted, which is how people have been behaving anyway, while being sensible. He claimed that the country has succeeded in avoiding levels of deaths of 500,000, although at one time he claimed a good result would be under 20,000. Some cafes and restaurants may be allowed to re-open from 1st June. But Jack and I won't have our old lives back really, until it's safe to use the Tube and buses. People are supposed to return to work "if it's safe", but they can't use public transport to do it, which rules out most Londoners.

We sat around looking at social media and catching up on news, before going out on a walk with no particular aim. We again got a latte from the Italian place, but this made me desparate for the toilet, so with everything shut, we had to go home. We had sat at the Lock for a bit, amusing ourselves watching people walking or cycling along the other side, and seeing how long they take to notice its blocked at the end, and they have to turn back.

I did go to the Co-op while Jack talked to his family.
Apparently Rebecca was painting wearing a bikini yesterday. "She's got the body for it" said her mum, who wasn't showing her boobs on Zoom this time,
but announced that she was wearing a mini-skirt and skimpy top yesterday. Her body is not bad for her age. I forgot to mention that Jack spotted a girl in a thong bikini in Regent's Park yesterday. I couldn't see her, but he said she was fat.

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