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2020-05-10 16:40:18 (UTC)

Quarantine day 50

Yes pheww... It's not even 2 months complete but we all are already pissed off. And day 25 of v & I not talking 😊. I'm happy to be not with a person who has huge ego than a Love. Sometimes I also think he raised his hands before all the situation his parents, his Job issues and managing finance, might have thought how would he tc of me in this all. But thinking me so is just giving a benefit of doubt. Even if it was so he would have discussed and mutually done it. No he just got rid of me accidentally. Hahaha what was this all?? Of so many yrs we had?? Was it fake?? Love, care, protection, missing, Longingness what was it all??
Love is pure. This wasn't definitely not a love. M not yet open to announce this to my friends only ash knows and she agrees to me also think what has happened has happened for good.
I do think of him everyday. I have deleted his pic which was not a big deal coz his image is in my heart, which will take some time to erase. Eventually it will. I also get worried for him I do pray for him as well. For all what he has done I still value for whatever he has done for me.
I deleted all pics, blocked him n his sis form social media and contact list. It's very rude hut I want him to be angry on me so that I won't hurt. God bless him. At least he will be worryless.
We expecting baby soon, excited for it. Waiting lockdown to get over. I will hopefully get my pf money next week. I'll be relaxed for few months.
Tc. God bless all....