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2020-05-10 00:15:57 (UTC)

Myths about what you drive 🤔

Today, I finally got my truck washed. It was getting bad. As if my truck was participating in the "no need to shower since we are quarantined" hygiene lol. Speaking of my truck, there are myths about what a guy drives makes a difference in the dating world. I scoffed at that as it sounds so stupid and no way that can be true. I bought my truck because it serves it's purpose. I'm not gonna ever go rock crawling anytime soon but I camp and kayak fish a lot and some of the places are not the easiest to get to. If you ever get stuck, it may take awhile before you get help to get unstuck. So, a 4x4 truck is what I needed. I still got my Acura TL so that is my normal commute car. But the truck is my play vehicle.

Anyway, there is that myth about guys and their vehicles Supposedly, what you drive can enhance your dating life. Stupid right? Well, I may be wrong. Certain types of vehicles supposed to help attract women. Not getting a Lamborghini anytime soon so yeah, not happening. But I heard later that chicks dig trucks. Haha. Well, you know me. I will asked women and now I know. So you want to know about the vehicle myth that it turns on woman? I asked someone point blank once if my truck was cool and if chicks (Sorry, women) like trucks. She told me "Hell yeah" and according to her, she said "It's orgasmic". Holy crap!! So yeah, I am now a believer.

About a month ago, we all met at a parking lot to do a social distancing pot luck. We met at a designated place and gave our meals to each other then went back home to enjoy our now 6 course or so meal. I forgot but my friend Shanti that is pretty hot, came by violating my 6' social distance (haha) and said to me in a sexy and purposely teasing way and said "Wow! You have a really nice truck. I like it". She likes to play around and flirt but we are friends but we are still the opposite sex so that's the kind of kidding around we do. Didn't think about it till now. I didn't realize it was a teasing flirtatious comment. Even Blue Faye said something at our first date way back when.

So that's my free tip for the boys here. If you want to step up your game, you may want to get rid of your Ford Focus, Volvo, Tercel, or station wagon (do they still sell those?). I can confirm this at least for the past year since it's been just one year since I bought my truck. But yeah Chicks dig trucks!! They do!! Haha. So go get a loan, put yourself in financial dire straits and get that truck!!!! haha 😂.

I'm in a good mood today even though some weird events have been going on with me. I just feel silly stupid and want to post this. I 'm sure more serious things are coming down the road but for today, I wanted to confirm the myth about trucks. Babe magnets!!!!!
I have a 2019 Toyota Tacoma double cab long bed TRD off-road with the cool electronics package.

I know it's sorta bragging. I guess it is. I don't care. I was piss ass poor growing up. I grew up as a kid mowing/cleaning rich people's yards. My parents never even graduated from High school. Paved my own future and now I can't complain. Life is good. I am happy. My hair is still bugging the heck out of my ears tickling them because I so badly need a hair cut but I think I'll survive. haha. Good night peeps. Here is a pic of my Babe magnet.

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