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2020-05-10 03:19:11 (UTC)

Short, Funny Stories About My Husband!: Story #7

At the beginning of 2019, MT, for some odd reason, decided to dye his hair red. He had dirty blonde hair, so his hair came out bright orange. Lol. I WISH I had pictures of that! I told him that dying his hair black would fix that, but he had that color hair for a few days before he could get the black hair dye! Lol!

He died with black hair. Like a true goth. I was the one with the stereotypical dark, morbid attitude that you would think a goth would have, but he listened to and introduced me to more of the music. I don't know if The Cult counts as goth, but that was one of his favorite bands. They are great, anyways. I listen to all kinds of music. Glad he introduced me to that band - Love is a fantastic album and "Memphis Hip Shake" off a different album - is a really cool song.

That's the last story for now.

Rest in peace, My Love. 😚😚😚