London Life
2020-05-09 22:22:42 (UTC)

Sexy Girls in the sun

Today after a cuddle with Jack in bed, and a Zoom chat with Kik, Caroline, Steve L and Simon, we set off for Lele's, a vegan cafe we've never been to, but we've found out is doing takeaways daily until 14:00. Really this was an excuse for a long cycle ride. I reckoned I could follow a route I'd used to get to the Shackewell music venue before, rather than go along the canal which is busy. In fact, I went wrong soon after Highbury, but we guessed which way to go, while sticking to side-roads, and we checked on City-Mapper when we got close.

We got quiche, coffees and some brownies and found a table free in Hackney Downs. We did return by the Canal, stopping in two Islington parks and at Granary Square.

Jack then did his own Zoom call - for two hours forty minutes! - before we watched yesterday's The Last Leg. The comedian reacted to news that we might be able to take longer exercise with lockdown easing, by saying "it's already
too much for me, the hour we get now". Elina identified with that one. We watched a bit of the Dad's Army film but not all of it got recorded, as ITV broke away from the film to show the Queen speaking on the VE day anniversary.

We were out for about six hours today and eight hours on the Bank Holiday yesterday, when we walked to Regent's Park via the local estate, got a wok at Baker Street, sat at the pond as well as at Primrose Hill, Chalcot Square and the Lock, after getting another coffee (larger this time) at the Italian place in Parkway. Jack loved it, but although I enjoyed it, I loved this sort of thing more when it used to be a period of calm amongst our usual hectic life. There was a pub open in Primrose Hill.

The weather's been very hot. Longer dresses are quite popular now, you never saw them on younger people a few years ago. They do look pretty but I'm glad the mini skirts seemed to grow in number yesterday as it got towards the evening.

Today, there were some very scantily-clad ladies on show, the best being:
(1), a plain girl who had nethertheless chosen to combine a see-through short white dress, with thong knickers. I wonder if she even realised. Plenty of time to take in her visible bottom, while both her and Jack were queuing for coffee.
(2) Another girl on Hackney Downs, talking to a park officer, in tight little shorts and a low-cut crop-top, actually a boob-tube really, that was skin tight and stretchy. As she wasn't wearing a bra, you could enjoy the exact shape of her boobs and nipples as this white top was stretched to the limit containing them.
(3) and (4), two separate instances of girls cycling along bumpy roads, with low-cut tops, leaning forward, showing off wonderfully bouncing cleavages.
(5), In Mare Street, a dress flapped up in the breeze, giving a brief but nice view of it's wearer's firm, well-toned right buttock, only covered at the very top by her black knickers.

Later, at Granary Square, a little girl ran between her Dad's legs, but had to lift up her Mum's loose dress to run through her legs. Her brother joined in; they were playing hide-under-the-dress as the mum chatted to her friend. Then it became just a general play-with-the-dress game, lifting it, moving it, and pulling it open by it's split. Inevitably, mum's knickers were on display occasionally, from the front.