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2020-05-09 18:36:37 (UTC)


May 9, 2020 Saturday 6:36 PM

At noon today my apartment building's roof caught on fire and now the whole building is absolutely 1) drenched 2) burnt 3) unliveable. I don't feel like talking about it because it's been a really stressful day and my head feels weird and I've cried a lot, but basically I'm out of an apartment right now. Lucky I'm a student, Brown has given me some temporary housing in one of the dorms—Matt's dorm, actually. Hahaha. And just last night we were talking about how I was kinda lonely and I missed human touch/interaction. This is God's greatest love tap for me. Wow.

I'm going to eat this avocado I have. My hands feel weird and sandy even though I just washed them. Overall I feel like shit. See ya!