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2020-05-09 14:35:06 (UTC)

Short, Funny Stories About My Husband!: Story #6

This is from a video on his phone (again), from June of 2018. I'll describe it and write what we said in the video:

I have light blue headphones on, am eating a bowl of cereal and I was watching Jacksepticeye's Reading Your Comments #15. I figured that out from the thumbnail showing on my phone in the video. Lol! MT is filming me.

MT: Okay, today what we have is [my name] on a Sunday afternoon...

Me: Nooo.

MT: And she is trying raisin bran with Oreo cookies. Is it good?

Me: It was. This is just raisin bran.

MT: You didn't put any Oreos in there?

Me: No, because this is my second bowl.

MT: Okay. Any particular reason?

Me: Umm... 'cause I mostly want to eat healthy.

MT: But, you occasionally just jump off the ledge, right?

Me: I guess.

MT: Hm.

MT: Do you remember that dog we had ca- named ....

[To clarify, these dogs were actually our roomates' dogs. They were pomeranians.]

Me: Yeah.

MT: He weighed about as much as that bowl of cereal.

Me (laughing): Yeah.

Me: He was old, but he could like, jump and do a spin when he wanted to go out for a walk.

MT: Hm... That's right.

Me: I liked the other dog more, though. The really small one. What was his name again?

MT: I don't know - Shit-ass.

Me: [Dog's name... yeah, I won't even use their real names - lol.]

MT [in a slightly mocking tone]: Mmkay.

I roll my eyes. MT laughs, it's like, 'tee-hee' kind of. The camera pans down to my feet, than his. He's wearing his Ted 2 pajama pants that have Ted all over them (obviously) and it says 'Thunder Buddies For Life,' all over. Lol.

On the floor by his feet are those crazy slippers he had. They were black and had red lips, purses and other girly things on it. Lol. He had no shame! Unfortunately, I don't have those slippers, anymore.