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2020-05-09 00:33:40 (UTC)

My Superstar friend 😊

Wow! Work was busy. So mentally drained. Worked straight from 8-6:30PM. This is what gets me to feel sooo tired. Mental exhaustion. Got home and had maybe 10 min to get ready for gym class aaaaaand... I didn't make it. I fell asleep. Woke up 4 hrs later. I don't know what is going on. I was so tired. Never slept that deep in a long time.

Just when I woke up, my Superstar friend called me to chat. No agenda. Just shooting the breeze. We kid around and talk about drama free discussions. She makes me smile. And no, I have no feelings for her in a romantic way. More like a core friend/ little Sister combo. She is good people. I wish I could surround myself with good people like her. Anyway, she says she called just to chat and that I have an "uncanny sense of humor". Her words. And that's why she called. She wanted to smile and laugh and knew I always do that to her and vice-versa . . The thing is I feel so lucky that she is my friend and actually, she brings out the best in me. Her Sister is cool too by the way. but I don't know her as well. She did come to the gym a few times and she did go out with us for dinner when the gang hung out.

I told her I'd still get her a birthday present even though it's late. Asked her what she wanted for her birthday. Jokingly she said an airplane! Haha. So I kid back and say "What color?" lol. Funny friend. Anyway, I asked again what she wanted for her birthday. She instead asked if I could help her send presents to Mexico. She attended a semester there in Mexico and lived with a family there I guess like an exchange student? So she asked if I could help her get them stuff. How fricking sweet is that? She is one of those that don't need self improvement. She is the kind of friend you want to surround yourself with.

So we did something I love so much. We both got our laptops and while talking on the phone, went shopping on Amazon. We got kitchen towels, kitchen utensil set, dinner plates, and bath towels. It was fun. I already said this before but I love love love shopping. Not having to buy even. Just looking at stuff is fun. Anyway, we're going to meet up tomorrow. Maybe for coffee and maybe I'll bring my laptop or I'll just give her money and get it ordered. We kept chatting and I looked at the time!! Holy moly!! It was almost 1:30AM. So I said we can meet up tomorrow somewhere and finish this up. Time flies when your having fun. Superstar friend is on the right. Sister on the left.

I can't believe I missed a gym class. So if I include tomorrow, it'll only be 5 days of workout this week. I can feel the fat cells bubbling up on my body already. haha. jk Life is good :)

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