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2020-05-08 23:33:50 (UTC)

Short, Funny Stories About My Husband!: Story #5

Okay, so it might have actually been a can of spaghetti - But, anyways... In June of 2018, MT took a video on his phone of me opening a can of spaghetti with a can opener. It was taking me a good amount of time and he was commenting like a sportscaster saying things like, "Can she do it?" I will describe the video now, including what we both said in the video!:

Baseball is on in the background. I'm opening a can of spaghetti. MT is filming me.

Me (in a quiet voice, laughing a little): Really, MT? Is this interesting? [I laugh and smile, looking at him, after saying that.]

MT: This is [my name], opening a can of spaghetti and meatballs. Can she do it, successfully? Oh my Gooodd... She's having difficulties.

Me (laughing): No, I'm not.

MT: Here she goes!

Me (laughing, still): MT, shut up.

MT: It's on now! Here comes the struggle... The can is opening. I heard a pop. There she goes.

Me: Got most of it.

MT: She's going around the corner. Come on girl - You can do it! You can do it! You can do it!

Me: I got it.

MT: Hell yeah! Now, she's gotta get the can top out.

Me (laughing): MT, shut up.

MT: Oh my Gooodd!

Me: I told you.

MT: Yaaaayyy!!!