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me and my life
2020-05-08 15:43:47 (UTC)

Sorted from my side

After long time some good feed. Ya, I and V are not talking from past 30 days and i insider this as a breakup. I have done closure from my side. I know him sk well, that we won't call me ever he might try to get in touch but m not sure how. But frankly speaking I do not expect and i dnt want it from my heart.
I'm glad now I can declare him my ex and I'm also glad that this ended without any drama. I guess gis parents will be happy. Its not that m not hurt or sad obviously I'm but I'm sure this is for our good. Atleast my good. I guess now I can make my life better. He will also be worryless that he had to choose between me and his family and managing this all. I still blame him for hooking up with me. If he knew his parents would had problem he should have gone further. He wasted mine and his time. It's a grt loss for both of us and for me more because I'm suffering for his failure not mine.

Im feeling good and light. I can concentrate on better things now.