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2020-05-08 13:10:34 (UTC)

Friday Frenzy

Woke up every hour on the hour starting at 11pm. Crashed around 9pm. I did not get out of bed when I woke. I laid there, watched the minutes pass on the clock, counted the seconds as the minutes changed. Eventually I ended up sleeping around 20-30 minutes out of each hour, thinking of nothing. I tried. Rolled out of bed in extreme pain, around 5am, to make my morning coffee, and fell to the floor. My right side is in so much pain I couldn’t stand. Foot, ankle, knee, hip, all were in tremendous pain.

I grabbed a shower last night hoping to rid of my headache. It worked. Extremely hot shower. So I’m just stressed. But as the hot shower hit my back, I realized, I might have a kidney infection. The water hurt on my left side.

I got my coffee finally. Opened up messenger, and sent a mass message to everyone who has been feeling neglected from my lack of communication. FF was the only one I ended up chatting with for about 15 minutes.

Indio is exhausted. Working 16 hours a day, pushing himself a bit hard in my opinion.

Found out that the pipe tail on my propane has been and is leaking, I knew it. They should be replacing it today, if not, I’m calling daily. I can’t afford to throw away money like that. 270$ to fill it yesterday. Money I don’t have.

Today, will be just getting things cleaned up a bit. Get stuff to the porch, sweep the porch, might run to town for kitty litter but I doubt it.

Starting to wish I was on pain medication for days like today. The body hurts so bad I want to puke.

Well, today is day 4, I should be getting a voicemail from DD2, probably an angry one because I still chose to ignore him. He doesn’t understand why someone would ignore him, lol. Up on his high horse.

Got my coat/shoe rack built yesterday. Was impressed. Not what I wanted, but all I could afford, and it looks ok.

But,I’m off to grab some medicine to try and help the pain I’m in. I need to be able to get things finished today.

Happy Friday.