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2020-05-07 22:09:45 (UTC)

More life tips 🥰

So my gym Superstar friend called me today just to say hi. I don't know how someone so small can kick butt at the gym but she can and she does. When we used to run laps around our building (before Covid of course) she'd always beat me. I think maybe only a handful of times would I beat her. I'm guessing she's a woman and she may have been having normal women issues. But except for a few things, she would always do better than I could. Of course I can lift more. I can push a sled faster. But other than that? She just blows me away. She's that good.

So we chatted and was just shooting the breeze. Then it hit me, I missed her birthday a month ago maybe? So I asked and I said I'd make it up to her. When this Covid thing is over, I promised to get the gym clique together again and we can go have dinner. I'll get her a belated birthday present too. She is one of the good ones. She is the type of friends you surround yourself with. I have so many things to remember but she reminded me of what is was.

Big life tip??? Surround yourself with good people. You become the people you surround yourself with. If there is such a things as a good aura meter, she'd would peg that scale in a good way. Not sure what she is. She has a European accent. Maybe Romanian, Russian, or.. I dunno. No matter. She's like a cool little Sister in my eyes. She's cute though for sure. 5'2" I think? Blond hair blue eyes. Maybe I'll post of pic one day. One day, we both were early. There were the two ropes that go to the ceiling. You know, for for rope climbing. She can do it too but not that day. That day we were swinging on the rope like two idiots/kids goofing off. That is until the head of the gym caught us and told us to stop doing that. haha.

She is one of the ones at the gym where we're laughing so hard goofing around only making it harder to do our workouts. We'd have so much fun. I swear, when we were rolling around laughing, our one hr session felt like 7 min. We are all still in contact. All of the gym peeps say they missed me and my crazy humor. I so miss them too. But were are still here. We are around. When we are back together again, it'll be like we never left each other. That's how friends are. You can be gone for a long time but the day you finally meet again, it's like no time has passed. Just thinking about them give me happy goosebumps.

My meetup friends? They're already planning some kind of trip every weekend for the summer. They are outgoing fanatics. So my friend Jenny and I have kayak trailers and we can rack two kayaks on our vehicles too. That's a caravan of two vehicles and 8 kayaks!!!! Oh boy oh boy!! I can't wait!!! I feel like a kid again. It's like the day before Christmas and you got all these presents there just waiting for you to open when the time comes.

For now, I'm making the most of life. I'm a happy happy dude. I like what I have and I like what will unfold soon enough. I'm in such a good mood. So much luckier than most peeps. I know it's borderline bragging or maybe it is but I can't fricking contain how happy I am!!!

I'm also squeaky clean again so I'm wearing the same Christian Dior Sauvage. I'm still burning calories from today's workout. Residual stuff you'll get when you workout for awhile. So again, the mixture of the cologne blended into you body oh so sweet. Just make sure you still use deodorant.

Good night for now my diary :)

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