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2020-05-07 18:35:23 (UTC)

Whew!! Ran out of gas today 🐌

Wow!!!! I didn't have it today. Gym class kicked my butt. I rocked it yesterday. Don't know what happened today. I still felt the soreness from doing Iron crosses yesterday but that was about it. Today, we did our thing. Worked on some abs and I was grunting like a dang girly-girl. I mean, I don't mind grunting but that would be for other extracurricular activities. Not gym workouts. So we did all sorts of stations. Last one was fast feet followed by calls by our coach to drop, meaning do a burpee, get right back up and continue with the fast feet. Each station was done six times. The last two fast feet/burpee moves? I was struggling. Calves were burning. I was sucking in air for sure.

The man-whore cologne I wore today was Christina Dior Sauvage. I was stupid and wore a cutoff off but cotton shirt. Soaked it up so it diluted the cologne smell. Usually it blends in with perspiration but not this time. It was like I took a shower. Gonna sit my ass down then eventually hobble my way to the shower. Throw my little pity/whimper party due to the workout being tough today with a glass of wine. I be-atch now but I know eventually, these tired legs will look a little toner so you gotta do what you gotta do.

Otherwise, the day went pretty well. Work went ok. Glad I have a job. Went with my work friend to Costco. Ran out of Salad spring mix. Yummy stuff. Also got a rotisserie chicken and I carve out pieces of it to top my salad. That thing lasts enough for like 5-6 salad portions. I unintentionally save money so yeah baby. Win-win situation. More money for that magic elixir (red wine).

That reminds me, I have a little secret fantasy about drinking wine with my future woman (yet to be discovered). After all this Covid stuff of course because what I fantasize on how we'd be drinking our wine would be pretty hot and I do have a very good imagination at times when it comes to the perv dept. Yeah.. smiling just thinking of it. One day 😇

As you can tell, working out gets me in a very good mood. As I said many a times, Working out is so mentally healthy for you. Might even be too healthy at times because many times, I also get pretty feisty afterwords. haha.

Okey, time to shower to clean myself up. Mentally and physically. Dirty on both counts. haha.