Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2020-05-07 23:37:55 (UTC)

Short, Funny Stories About My Husband!: Story #4

This is from a video that was on my husband's phone that I'll describe!:

Baseball is on in the background. The lighting is dim. MT says... "I(?) Have such a problem with that. I mean it's always such a problem to get..." video cuts off. Lol.

Since this one was really, really short and possibly only funny to me because of the randomness and looking at him saying it and the way he said it and my bias in my love for him (!), I will share, partly, what MT stands for, which is the fake name I use for my husband in this journal...

A nickname he called me often was Monkey. So, I began calling him Monkey Man. I've even written that in entries in here. Lol. So, the 'M' stands for Monkey and the 'T' is the first letter of his name. That's all I can tell, but there y'all go! 😊

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