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2020-05-07 22:06:28 (UTC)

Brain hurts

Can’t get rid of this cough and headache. Making me sick. Chest pains the past week aren’t helping.

I did manage to go into town, forgot 2 things I needed, but it will have to wait. I’m home. I don’t feel well.
Didn’t sleep well last night. Did get to sleep from 3-5 am. But been going since.
I’m wearing out, fast.
Pain, is a 15. Just unbearable. Bad weather coming isn’t helping. I’m sick of the cold and snow.

I have to resend the sweater next week, address was wrong and got sent back. So did the ccap and got the address on file to resend next week. I’m not doing it tomorrow, so will do it Monday or Tuesday.

Didn’t get a lot of the cleaning done I wanted to do. Pain and not feeling well did not help any at all.

Just a quick update.

Depression and SH has been through the roof today, probably because I don’t feel well at all.

Going to lay down. Will write tomorrow.