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2020-05-08 01:11:33 (UTC)


I've been unemployed since last year December. Completed my undergraduate last year April and graduated six months after that. I've started to look for a job since last year itself. Went to the secured interviews with promised answers but what followed was just disappoinments. I'm staying with my family of 6 where only my mom and elder brother works. My mom were supposed to retire this November and I was looking for a job frantically for myself. This pandemic season has made it more worse where many companies have freezed their hiring process and some are even closing down and leaving many jobless. The retrenchment doesn't spare my mother too as her management offered her MSS and asked her to retire early. Yesterday was her last day after a sudden meeting with the management. I feel very bad to add on the burden. Sometimes I just feel like giving up on everything. I hope I would land a job soon.