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2020-05-07 00:18:28 (UTC)

Did hell freeze over? 😱

Wow!! So many strange contacts today. Friend that offered possible bug out site. You know, if and when poop hits the fan? Yeah, she is extreme left or right wing. Not sure exactly what that even means. I just know we partied a bit in the past in our meetup group. Now she is offering room in her land for when bad things happen. Will I? Dunno. But heck, sure is nice to be offered a place if poop hits the fan. Of course I accepted. Don't even know why she offered. I guess we have the same views when it comes to covid. Ok cool. Nice to know I have to a place to bug out just in case.

Then, as I dreamed a few days ago, my ex wife contacts me. I think she is waving her carrot again and maybe wanting to get back together again. Not confirmed and I don't trust her but maybe. And to be honest, she waves her carrot well. For the first time ever, I will post her pic. She like I, look way younger than we actually are. We both are lucky to be gifted with something that makes us ageless maybe. Dunno. Here is her one time and only time I will post a pic of her. I do so because yeah, I do get tempted at times. Her heart is for crap though but she does look kinda cute. But my shallowness and pervness only goes so far. I'll kill this link later so it may not work after a couple of days but we are in a weird situation so here it is.
No worries, tempted but won't mess ups. I'm a perv yes but I'm not that stupid.

appended 5/25/2020
sorry, link removed

Here is one of three trailers my friend has and has offered me a spot just in case. Dang!!! crazy ass world we live in.

That's it for now. I got an early part 2 conference with Microsoft....again...sigh. haha. No worries, I do get paid during these times so I'm very thankful for my job.

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