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2020-05-07 07:29:32 (UTC)


I forgot to print out the worksheet from my therapist, will do that later today.

Same time, every flipping day.

I crashed a little after 9 pm

Woke up, did my usual make sure everything was locked up, my son was up, so told him to get to bed or I’d take his electronics.


So 3 hours sleep. When I nap during the day, (not the past few days) I would nap about 3 hours. Then up 3 hours, then nap 3 hours roughly.

I really do need my medication.

Didn’t video last night. Indio wanted to watch a movie, think he was up till 11. Sent me a text to call when I wake, but knowing he has to work, I’m not going to call and wake him.

DD3 posted he bashed his brothers head into the door 10xs. Bit scary to think of it. I don’t like it when people take their anger out on others, no matter how angry I get, I don’t put my hands on another human, I just take it out on myself.

But I’m going to take my muscle relaxers and try to sleep another 3 hours. Praying I can.
It’s 2:30am at the moment.