deanne and Connor

our dialog
2020-05-06 21:40:45 (UTC)

Sir Loves

There has never been a single moment where I have doubted your supreme obedience to Me. There has never been an instance where I even pondered that you wouldn’t do exactly as you were told.

The significance of every command you were given, and the fulfilling of every detail once again brings you favor with Me. Your displayed body and collared neck complimented the words you have repeated now hundreds of times and will say for the rest of your life - “i serve Him” / “nothing else matters”. To your Sir they were given with Love and He accepts with devotion and pride.

With that in mind, remember you are My fucking slut who spreads those legs because I command it. Your hair makes a convenient handle when I want to manipulate your face to be sprayed and marked. Your ass and pussy clench to be filled by Master. Your neck bared so that it may be gripped. Your pert girlish breast’s rubbed nipple raw. Your everything offered up to be My anything. Xxxooo
ANYthing and EVERYthing for You. i am yours from head to toe, in mind, body and spirit. How i adore stimulating You in so many ways -- physically, mentally, and intellectually. And depending on the day and mood, not necessarily in that order! :-)
iLY and i am eternally committed and devoted in all ways.
(PS we made it to condo safely and in record time due to a lack of traffic.....i will check in as often as i can through the day with the hopes of even just a glimpse and a few words with You)