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2020-05-06 16:10:55 (UTC)

Fricking Heidi! 😩

Oh man. Heidi is killing me. She was trying so hard for me to go camping with them this week. She'd text me saying "Come on, Fashoda lake is open. Must have a lot of fishes in the lake. Let's go. Play hooky for a few days. OMG!!! She is killing me. So so so tempting. She tells me who's going too so of course she knew and did that on purpose. The Women eye candies of our group. Sigh.... But no..... had to work. Projects to do. So with a trembling voice I tell her "Sorry, I can't come".... boohoo. Poor me... lol. I try to tell myself someone needs to keep the economy going but it doesn't really make me feel any better.

I need to talk about my kayak rig one day. I can't talk about it now because it'll drive me nuts thinking about it but when it's time, I will. I have a pretty pretty cool kayak system and it's set up for fishing. Oh man!!! Soon.. Very soon I'll start posting my kayaking trips again.

For now, I got to rest for 15 min. Text flirt a little with my new "friend" Then I need to warm up for gym class. Can't flirt too much though. Don't want to have an issue during class. It's about to start and my camera is on so the coaches can see our moves. Funny, yesterday my coach could even tell and broadcast to the entire group that I needed a hair cut. So embarrassing but funny so it's never boring even in zoom class.

Today, my man whore scent I'm wearing is made by Hugo Boss called intense. Smells pretty good. Another buy-it-and-thank-me-later rating. These colognes though.. It's not like a Sunday church cologne. It's like a pre-sex cologne. haha. Most of them anyway. It does tingle your nether region at times. 😎 Nah, maybe I'm just a perv I guess. Ok, time to warm up. Need to get a few hundred jumps before to loosen up.

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