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Broken Glass Park
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2020-05-06 23:25:55 (UTC)

Short, Funny Stories About My Husband!: Story #3

This is from a video that's on his phone and I'll describe it!:

He's at a bar somewhere with a song that sounds like "Hungry Eyes" playing. The lighting is dim. I'm fairly certain it is the beginning of that song and a woman is singing karaoke to it. At the end of the video you hear the lyrics that start the song [it is a very short video], "I've been trying to tell you... I got this feeling..." MT is looking into the camera. He blows his cheeks up like a chipmunk. [Lol.] Then, he says...

"God... I've always hated this song."

Then, the camera goes over to a friend of ours', who's sitting there, chilling, looking a little stoned. [Lol.] Then, back to MT!

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