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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2020-05-06 17:54:00 (UTC)

I'm thanking you the most ❤

Listening to: To The Man Who Let Her Go - Tyler Shaw
Now she's beside me, can't stop thinking
Why did you ever think to let go?
Not complaining, I'm just saying
Your loss is mine to hold
So to the man who let her go
I'm thanking you the most, you the most
"How great is it to live under a sky that is repainted every day by the greatest artists"
Good Evening! 🌙
Absolutely beautiful day! The weather was gorgeous and sunny. After today it's supposed to have a drastic change and become really cold and windy. Yuck lol. I was loving the time outdoors but I know it's heading into summer so this won't last. I will find more things to do inside to keep myself busy.
Our province is slowly going to begin opening things like Gardening Center's and hardware and any store that can provide curbside pickup, can. It's a slow step forward. Honestly, I don't care about all that. I care about seeing my family. My friends. Going to my cottage, oh how I miss it. I am hoping to spend some good amount of time there this summer. I use to love going and these past few years I was so wrapped up in work and things here. I put that place to the side but I think our whole outlook changes when something so drastic like this pandemic has opened our eyes to what's important. How every moment is a gift. I grew up at my cottage. My Daddy, His father, and my uncle built it and my uncle still lives next door. At that time it was only my Dad's land available until the one next to us opened up that they built my uncles. Now he resides there all year. When my Daddy died. The cottage was left to my siblings and I, My siblings were all too busy with their lives and did not really want it. Nor the investment it would take down the road to the upkeep. I would never let it go so I bought out my siblings with some of my inheritance and now I own it solely. Now they are kicking their own hiney's lol. I let them use it of course. It's a gorgeous 2 bedroom cottage on a lake in just under 2 acres of lakeside forest. I own 2 boats and jet-skis. They are fun. Just talking about it. I miss it very much. We are not allowed to go to our cottages while this pandemic is on. They are concerned with overwhelming our smaller hospitals in the nearby towns, which I understand. I just wish they would allow us to go for the Memorial weekend in May. Fingers crossed.

Tonight? It's still light out. It's 7:20 so I think I will make myself a tea and go read outside while I let my puppy run the yard. Otherwise a quiet night

Have a wonderful evening!❤