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2020-05-06 18:56:17 (UTC)



Found out Bear lied to me. She did not move back to her old town, she moved to where I was married.
I’m not going to state how I found out. But she boldly lied to me. Indio called it.

Bit ticked off.

Been busy again today doing little things that need to be done.
Man, I’m angry.
I’m hurt.

I’ll never be able to jump when she wants me to from here on out.
Just really ticks me off.

The fact she left like she did, left this place a mess, didn’t cover the bills after jacking them up, and lied to where she was going.......
Um, ok.

That’s fine.

I’ll remember this.

I have me appointment in an hour, going to make something to eat.....and try to not cry.