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2020-05-06 18:23:39 (UTC)

Randos Top 6

Researcher and Clinical Psychologist Therese Rando the "Six R's":

Recollect the experience

Recognizethe loss: First, people must experience their loss and understand that it has happened.

React: People react emotionally to their loss.

Recollect and Re-Experience: People may review memories of their lost relationship (events that occurred, places visited together, or day to day moments that were experienced together).

Relinquish: People begin to put their loss behind them, realizing and accepting that the world has truly changed and that there is no turning back.

Readjust: People begin the process of returning to daily life and the loss starts to feel less acute and sharp.

Reinvest: Ultimately, people re-enter the world, forming new commitments. They accept the changes that have occurred and move past them.

I am in greiving I am aging. I have nothing more to give. So everyday I face it all. Like a death. Hoping my presentation is enough to shoulder all God has put me through.

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