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2020-05-06 12:28:32 (UTC)

Nit Picking

Not sure the date today
It’s 1:14am

Been up organizing and cleaning. Nit picking on little things like I used to do.

Seriously getting nervous about this weekend.
Mother’s Day weekend. I’m inviting the first person outside of family to my house in almost 2 years. So, very nervous. I’m not one to let people in, no matter how clean it is. A security thing/issue. This is my safe place.

Place is seriously looking sharp. All put together nicely. Sheldon is excited about the changes and is enjoying the clean new look. Been rearranging furniture. Moving stuff around and getting rid of things.

Couldn’t believe the stash of alcohol I had. Different types of moonshine, gin, vodka, beer, bourbon, etc. yes, in the bottom cabinet and it’s locked up.

All tools are in one place now, not scattered and all the food is out of my room.

I have a desk in my room now. So nice. I’m not going to get to pulling summer clothes out till next week. That’s ok tho. It’s not warm enough just yet anyway.
The new mattress won’t be here till Friday.

Still fighting the depression. Not certain what’s causing it other than being exhausted and in sooo much pain. My right side has been tingly all morning. And I walk like a penguin, hip hurts.

But, going to finish the spare bathroom today, the new towels are coming in, so that will be nice.

But, off to my nit pick cleaning.

Happy hump day.