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2020-05-06 00:57:45 (UTC)

A ton completed

Sheldon and I are extremely proud of the way the place is looking. Ended up moving both 6 feet cabinets out of the bedroom to the kitchen, looks awesome. Moved the desk into the bedroom. Then all the food and other stuff was moved into those cabinets.

Indio is upset because I did a case search on DD2 today, but did one on myself, Barbie, BabyFace, Limp, and so on. Yeah I was wanting to see if anything new came up.

I’m tired.
I’m sore.
Depression hitting a high at the moment.
Think it’s from being tired.
I want to get up and keep going, but physically, can’t. I’m in so much pain again today, my son had to pick me up while I was in tears up off the floor. I’ve been in that much pain.

I’m heading to bed tho, probably won’t fall asleep for another hour, and be back up at 1am again.seems to be the norm lately.

I’m impressed, DD1 has been texting me off and on. Hmmm. High? lol 😂


Good night