deanne and Connor

our dialog
2020-05-05 15:22:31 (UTC)

To Sir, With Love...

i had an opportunity to carry out the task You commanded of me to do before leaving for the condo this week. i thought i had better take advantage of the opportunity since tomorrow may be difficult and surely i could not miss Your instructions. He decided to take a break and go for a run around 2:30. i knew i had about an hour. Your instructions were to stand naked in front of a mirror and sense how i would feel presenting myself to You in this way. There is a full length mirror on the back of our bedroom door, and i chose that to do the task. i took the opportunity to secure one of his leather belts around my neck with the excess lenth just hanging behind me. The effect was very titilating.
i stood there a minute or two, observing the details of my naked body. i watched as i slowly slid my feet further apart, causing my legs and thighs to separate more. i watched myself cup my breasts and imagined how You would react as i did either of these things. i drew my hair into a pony tail and held it up behind me, wondering how You might enjoy gripping it as i knelt and sucked You, or as perhaps You took me from behind.
i turned a bit so i could observe my breast more from the side, and pinched and tugged that nipple to make it poke out, and wondered if You would have a desire to suck on it.
i then got a chair and sat in front of the mirror with my legs parted to the sides. i wondered if it would arouse You more, and if You might give me instructions to rub my clit, or penetrate myself while You watched. Or would You prefer to do that Yourself, making me keep my hands behind me. Restraints would not be necessary because we both know i would not disobey.
i drew my feet up onto the chair and parted my legs, and wondered what You might do if i was to sit this way for Your viewing. At that point i could also begin to detect my own scent. i am sure that would have aroused You.

i did all this on Your command. As the old song goes, it was "To Sir, With Love".

Let's not forget the very exciting line from that song......."How do you thank someone, who has taken you from crayons to perfume....."

The simple answer is.......i can't.

To You, Sir, With Love. With all of my love. (