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2020-05-05 09:00:41 (UTC)

Life goes on 🤔

Yesterday, I received a lot of messages at work about my friend D that passed. Pretty much asking me if I was ok and that they knew I was close to him. Also a bunch from this site too which is heartwarming. Nice to know there are real people on this site. I mean I know there are, it's just nice to get some spontaneous messages from people and not just lurking around. Told them all pretty much that I wasn't ok and I wasn't going to do any big network changes for sure. Today, I'm on our workgroup chat and already they are chatting as if nothing has happened. Hmmmm. In just a couple of days, poof! Life at work apparently goes on.

I hope I can take a positive spin on this and try even harder to be a better person and work on my self improvement. I did good yesterday and when dingbat was speaking on the conference call and kept putting her foot in her mouth, I had no urge to say anything anymore. So I just let it be. Hope that means I'm improving. Not my problem and not my problem to fix. Anyway, I'll have more time this weekend to see what I can do better to make me a better me. Right now, I have a couple of projects assigned to me so I need to start working on those today.

In lighter news, I created more playlists on my Alexa and I like them. It's still pretty cool to be able to play any song I can think of and putting it in my designated playlist. I even got a playlist of the oldies Hawaiian music. Again, not Don Ho crap. Local bands that made it big in Hawaii. Scents and songs can bring you right back into the past or some distant memory. I still recall nights in Hawaii parked at the lookout like around Diamond Head lookout. Sometimes alone just listening to my music in my Bug. Haha. Yup. That was the thing in those days to be a cool dude. Sometimes I'd be there with the gang , sometimes alone, and of course sometimes with a woman making out in the car. hehe. Where was I? Oh yeah, my playlist. I got some for when I"m pissed, mellow, lovey dovey, and even a workout playlist. I actually named my playlist "pissed off music".

I'm changing my gym session to 6PM. 4:30 is just a body weight class. 6PM class is an "equipment optional" So they show you options of having dumbbells or not. I have them so I need to up my workout a little bit. I may need to up my rope jumps to 2,000 a day. I'm getting faster and getting tangled less jumping rope so I'm done with 1,000 in like around 10 min maybe? Dunno, I'll time it one day. As far as progress, I'm eating not the healthiest food so I doubt I'll get my 2 pack (forget the 6 pack) by this summer. I think my weight gain isn't all muscle. darn it. I did notice my hamstrings is getting more toned. When I sit in my boxer briefs and my legs are propped up on the coffee table, I see the back of my boxers being stretch more. That's when I take a peek in the mirror and see that it has toned up and the definitions as it goes down from the bottom of my butt down 1/2 way before my knees are looking not bad. Not bad at all. My top half? Meh.. without a lot of weights, I may be losing any V shape I may have sort of remotely had. Now I look more like a lowercase "b" now. Sigh... Hopefully the 6PM classes will help me with this. 🤪

I'm going to have to head out to work to do some of this network crap so I guess I should shower. There are 3 or 4 of us there and I don't want to smell up the place. Today, I will try wearing my other niche cologne named Kalan by Parfums de Marly. Mixed reviews on this one. Some love it. Some thinks meh. so-so. Still expensive as [email protected]#T so I can't say buy it and thank me later. I like it and glad I got it. Besides, the bottle looks so cool. haha.

Thanks again for the people here that reached out to me to offer their virtual hugs. I really appreciate it.

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