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2020-05-05 02:06:08 (UTC)

Made it through the day 😔

Went to work. Apparently, people knew D and I were close. So they chatted with me to see if I was ok. Didn't notice it but they said they knew we were close. Anyway, the day went quickly. People stayed out of my way. I was at work and I couldn't even have the guts to go to D's cubicle which is only 20 feet away.

I practice what I preach. So when I said you should hit the gym at any emotion. Good, bad, happy, sad, you go. So today, I of course I hit the gym. Did the 6Pm class as it was an equipment friendly class. This means that the workout can include gym equipment which is just dumbbells. It was fun. I will probably attend those classes instead of the normal body weight classes I attend.

I was still full of energy after class. Decided to do 1,000 rope jumps. Did that pretty quick. I think I can do close to 100 a minute now. I got tangled about 6 times for the 1,000. I was done in not time. I didn't really time it but I think I'm close to 80 jumps a min. I think. I'll time myself next time.

That's about it. Friend is still dead. I'm outliving my friends it seems. Lost my dart partner, 3 meetup friends. My work friend? Can't keep track anymore. All of my friends were younger than I am. So yeah, not fooling myself about living forever.

All I can do is try to live a quality life and am trying to do so.. to be continued

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