2020-05-05 02:43:11 (UTC)

Coping Cognitive 2

Why they Hate God, and thusly YOU.

1. The jaw is wired shut. And the eye is blind to what beauty there may be in this world. Judge not lest ye be judged but do know-- I cannot pull the moat* from my brother eye with a beam in my own

2. To each his own.
3. It is not good for a man to be alone. 🌈 🍚 πŸ¦πŸ’

4. Gods children are without spot or blemish and his most precious children do what it takes to make that INITIAL sacrifice. For God so loved the world...who is HE to you?

5. Weary not in well doing. For in it lies the kingdom of God.

6. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you. Ask and it shall be answered. Matthew 7:7
7. Now
8. Yup
9. So
10. Tone. I read Tomi Adoyeme Children of Blood and Bone. "As I fawned awake... I dreamed of my friends and family screaming as our thicket was pulled apart like a corn bread muffin. For those of us who really survived active war zones. For those of us that fled to the cities escaping sinkholes and minesubsidande in out lands-- it is not so simple a memory.

How I was stalked and some responses to that:

1. My toilets broken no water pressure, so I flush it with soapy bath water.

2. The water is some type of aspirated sodium solution. I thought it was penance for all we've destroyed as Americans. So in solidarity, for the waters, I pray when I wash my hands.

3. It's Christmas-Never let anybody make you hate Christmas !πŸŽ„!

4. I'm hunting FB like a hound and had to sub to OSI to get more information about the technical root of these social crimes. V2K-Voice of God Technology. Pure Signal Transmission (2yrs). Remote Neural Monitoring-PUC Viper triggered, Sis/Pulse & Star systems.

5. Aww man! When people key your car and hide your keys. And make traffic every time you leave the house. That's when you hit the big time. Just flash 'em a Brittney and Wild Out! ( while simultaneously podcasting---LEAVE BRITTNEY ALONE!!)

6. It doesn't take much to turn a plan into a plight. Always be flexible as a T.i.

7. Gangstalkers are wretched social climbers who have to struggle to be important. #BeCool #AnywayπŸ’‹

8. No sleep for 6 days?FORGIVE yourself for whatever you do. Even God rested on Sunday.

9. Gabriel Mendoza said "We SAID No lights!#Fluffy. Some people care about their brothers and sisters. I am a full 2 stand wheelie! Know thyself!

10. I HOPE you had fun!

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