2020-05-05 02:26:14 (UTC)


March 22nd 2020. All the problems have been about since March 4th and now I notice that is the last time I spoke with B Mon Feb 17_Sunday March 27, cannot walk have not been kissed held or called everyone including t & C st Clair have tried me to nothing. Debbie bated me like a voicemail and David popped up causing employees to make jokes about me being a ghost.Yet another reason to have my phone off and the way my HEALTH SAFETY and COMPANY are treated, I'm not blinking an eye. Pic Jr drink At Jacks with Ty....since summer 2019. When you have peace in yourself and accept, then you are calm enough to do something, but if you are carried by despair there is no hope ...There are beautiful bodies and good sex and singles without complications ...i dont hear you. All blacks have pitch and value issues. Haha monkey nice. There is some compassion when you have been abused physically. Own falsity entrapment dehumanization. I don't like your editor. Petty and makes me use profanity because you are CONSTANTLY reaching. Everybody wants to be Chrissy Lampkin not Kandi Buress. Weird rituals pickiness hard work. Wasting time & talent. Here in America they can tell you whether you are black or not. So they get all these people to dump their irritating roundness on the nubian people and our passions are never considered.