London Life
2020-05-03 06:10:41 (UTC)

Quite surprising news today...

Quite surprising news today, that 91% of people don't want the lockdown eased yet. Ireland plans to exit theirs over three months from 18th May, suggesting a mid-August return to some sort of normality. People in Madrid were able to take exercise today for the first time in weeks. I think I've only stayed sane through going out on runs. Today I was also, rather satisfyingly, converting Deezer playlists onto Excel, which you can't do on their site but is achievable from another app.

Sarah surprisingly wrote to ask if I wanted some carrots and potatoes, which she brought round so we had a quick chat by the door, which was nice, though her hair was a mess. I told her how good she was on the Zoom quiz and that she could be a Radio presenter.

I went on a run but didn't record it properly on my new Chris Ward watch. I'd loaded a training plan when I was trying it out last week, which it assumed I was trying to follow, and this confused me during the run such that I accidently stopped it for a bit. Luckily I was still using my Strava app at a back-up, but this continues to add untrue spikes to my runs, but as it didn't start doing this until I was back from the river and going round Regent's Park, by which time the Ward was turned on again, I could maybe combine the two reports into a truthful run. I had stiff calves anyway and stopped at under 17km.
Elisa showed me her pecan pie, which hadn't got firm after 50 minutes in the oven - it was only supposed to need 25. This problem with texture plagues my cooking as well.

Des informed me that Programme Master had actually gone out of business in February, and another company had taken over. They wouldn't help me with a Brentford programme though, even thiugh they admitted to having a few promotional copies. I did the bi-weekly football quiz again but got only 14 this time - 7/10 on the general round but 0 for the 2008-09 round.

Jack put on an unusual telly programme; the first half hour (and probably more) showed a farmer in Scar Fell, rounding up his scattered sheep in almost real-time. We listened to two or three No Such Thing As A Fish podcasts today, plus three of the BBC versions.