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2020-05-03 21:34:21 (UTC)



Got every wall in the house bleached down. Found some marker from the kids on the wall near the spare bathroom that is not coming off.
So got a ton done today.

Everything nice, crisp, clean.

Found out my propane tank must have a leak, we went through all the propane, or bear did when she jacked the heat up, and of course, didn’t leave money to fill it cause she used it all up. That’s how my kids roll.

But, anyho.......

DD1 has been messaging me, oddly. He’s been awol for a good while. He means the world to me. More than he will ever know.

Tomorrow is another busy day.

I couldn't think of anything worth writing (typing?) about this evening,

Prompt: What is your favourite way to spend a day?

Being with people/person who can make me laugh till I cry. Make me feel whole.
That's clearly different from what's going on now. I could do anything I want with no one to disturb me. I could choose to walk around without clothes all day or record myself doing some stupid shit, which I'll obviously delete later. It's just gonna be wild, in my own quiet way, if you get what I mean.

Yeah, that's about that. I'm thinking of starting a home workout tomorrow. I've got this app on my phone that would serve as my guide and stuff. I hope I don't quit after the first day which is tomorrow. However that works out, I'll let you know.

Going to bed early, since I’ve been up another 17 hours.