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2020-05-03 18:51:48 (UTC)

why this site?

few years ago, my mom told that i should start writing diary entries to improve my English grammer and yes it helped me a lot but my only purpose was to improve my grammer skills who knew it would become my everyday need...my mom read my initial entries with my permission to correct my mistakes yeah but at that time i didn't had any secrets..after few months i stopped getting my entries checked...um wait please i don't want to recall the whole thing so let me get it straight...my mom figured out that something was wrong and she read my whole fuckin diary and boom!! i was grounded...why?? what was written in there?? umm....i'd like to keep it a secret bcoz i'm just not able to trust anyone not even this site...so obvio i stopped writing one..and cant write one again but thankfully i found this site...i can speak my mind here everyday....so here i'll give you a little intro my dear diary i'm a 17 yo teenager who can never fall in love..im a poisonous person who gets over asap i have many crushes which i thought they were crushes until i found out that it was just another infatuation (oops!! my english)….well this was kinda normal bcoz u might have seen many girls who r like me when it comes to love...so is there anything unique about me?? uh maybe yes or maybe not i mean everyones unique in their own way...so, I'm an anti-social I really hate people...i don't like texting...i don't like talking to strangers...i hate this fucking society...i like discovering about myself....im a shitty person...an idiot...yeah well im not telling anyone about this bcoz they can take advantage of me how?? idk im jst crazy....earlier i was never able to keep my secrets my feelings with myself but now i only like to keep things to myself im glad about this change....i hate guys and the girls as well....when people say that im different...im like dude!! ik that already...well yes ik im different everyone is...i hate those who fall for me lol why?? i just wish life was like a fairy tale...im weird...ik...im numb....i just cant explain the feeling in words...i guess i should leave it here for today...so bye bye dear diary..

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