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2020-05-03 10:59:28 (UTC)

Random Assortment - April 2020

Исход by Время Акаций

Кровь и луна (Холодный дождь) by Море Ясности

Страсть к курению by Beurak

Untitled Love Song by Angels of Light

Martin by Car Seat Headrest

Small World by Jack Stauber

Lifeline by Jack Stauber

Поезда RSAC, Ella

It's Alright by Jack Stauber

Bloodhail by Have a Nice Life***

Egg by the Garden

A Quick One Before the Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut by Have a Nice Life

The Big Gloom by Have a Nice Life

Science Beat by Have a Nice Life

Trespassers W by Have a Nice Life [a Winnie the Pooh reference!!!!]

Chaos of the Galaxy/Happy Man by Sparklehorse

White Lies, Yellow Teeth by Modest Mouse

A Life of Possibilities by Dismemberment Plan

Not What I Needed by Car Seat Headrest

Blackest Bile by Giles Corey [a side project by one of the people in Have a Nice Life]

Evangeline by Angels of Light

Cold & Well-lit Place by Oxbow [sounds a lot like mid-era Modest Mouse]

Get Up by Xiu Xiu

Lalala by Y2K & bbno$

Plowing Into the Field of Love by Iceage

Birth of Creation by The Comet is Coming

Tuyo by Rodrigo Amante

Hollywood by Car Seat Headrest

Hollywood (acoustic) by Car Seat Headrest

Fever Dream by Iron & Wine

Passing Afternoon by Iron & Wine

Sodom, South Georgia by Iron & Wine

Kill V. Main by Grimes

Forest Blue Park by Ismy

Citrus by Ismy

I Was an End by Ismy

Oblivion by Grimes

Homage by Mild High Club

You Are the Blood by Sufjan Stevens [cover of the Castanets]

Heavy Water/I'd Rather be Sleeping by Grouper

Waiting for You by (Sandy) Alex G [beautiful and jazzy and I want to die]

You're Dead by Norma Tanega

Судно (Борис Рижий) by Molchat Doma

Starting Over by LSD and the Search for God

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