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2020-05-02 23:22:12 (UTC)

Awesome Fricking Saturday Night! 🥴

Did all my boring tasks, work, and workout today. All good now. Forgot if I mentioned gym or not but I did it and it gave me the relaxation needed for the rest of the day. Did the all exciting chores and what not. Heidi came to pick up her groceries I got for her at Costco. I was going to jump a thousand or two rope jumps but I got lazy.

Anyway, cleaned my house. May not make it to House and Garden magazine but imagine if you will a single guy with a 3 bed 2 bath house and you know guys are generally pigs when it comes to cleaning. So when I say it's clean, it's probably mediocre at best. haha. Yup, it's in our DNA.

So tonight, nothing much to do. I figure I watch reruns of Game of Thrones. I used to watch it religiously. Nothing, I mean nothing was more important that watching it when it came on. Anyway, I fixed my dinner to watch this. Not exactly dinner. More charcuterie really. All crap that I shouldn't be eating but I have good reason to. Because effe it. I say so. Haha. This is what I had for dinner. Since I'm watching GOT, I wanted to make the theme match. Note the diffuser on my wine bottle :) I always get a kick out of the wine pouring out of it.

I took a look around my house earlier this morning and I noticed I have flowers blooming everywhere. I had some like right next to my bedroom window that isn't blooming at the moment and one at the side of my fence that has this bush that smells great when the flowers bloom but not right now. I got this though and it sure is a better view than being cooped up in an apt somewhere looking at four tiled walls. hehe. Nope. Can't bitch really.

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