from my heart
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2020-05-03 00:21:41 (UTC)

me and my dear old friend

8:21 pm
sometimes saying "no" can be really hard. a few days ago mel and charly said that we should all get drunk in call together and i said that i would. so the day we get drunk on call was supposed to be today but i realized that i have so much work to do and its all due in 4 days. i felt bad to cancel out so i got my drink ready and i was calling mel while doing my assignments. mel got really drunk and charly ended up joining about an hour later.

i wish i didnt agree to this today because i felt really overwhelmed the whole time. i have to watch a movie with reed too later and im just kind of stressed. im doing my assignments and thankfully i finished all of my gov and psychology assignments but i still have 4 classes to catch up on. this makes me freak out and well guess what. the only thing i have next to me is me and my dear old drink. so if u havent guessed by now im slowly taking sips of alcohol while doing my assignments.

it is definitely helping me calm down and so i guess thats why im not crying right now but i dont know if this will end up in a disaster. the truth is that i think either way whatever i decide to do is a mess so yeah.

im stressed.

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