London Life
2020-05-02 21:55:34 (UTC)

Hampstead ponds

I'm trying to go to bed earlier, as I've slipped into bad habits of late nights and early mornings. It shouldn't make any difference during the lockdown, but it still feels lazy and undisciplined. So no more late night puzzles in bed, news-reading or talking to Elina, I just need to read my book. Having said that, I'm in bed doing this diary now and Elina keeps interrupting me so that's two things I'm doing wrong.

Today we rode up to Hampstead, which Jack suggested to do on my birthday, but the weather that day was unreliable. We went via Kentish Town and cut through to Parliament Hill, enjoying the view across London to the North Downs in the distance. There were quite a few people enjoying the sun, but most people managed to social-distance.

We walked past the bathing ponds to our favourite spot, overlooking the boating pond, with the little green island, the trees all around, and the hill behind. I posted a picture of this, and Dharmesh pointed out how the clouds in the blue sky also added to the view.

We took a roundabout route back to South End and after unsuccessfully trying to get a take-away coffee, we rode down to Camden. The coffee shop in Parkway had closed for the day, but we got one at the Italian cafe and drank it in the currently-unused pub seats by the Lock.

After being disappointed at the girls on Parliament Hill, who weren't revealing much for such a sunny day, (If I'm prepared to wear skimpy skirts, now I'm another year older...) I was having a better time looking at the sexy ladies in the streets of Camden.

Jack had a picture of nearby Dingwalls from 1973, and we were amazed to realise that the market building, which resembles the neighbouring ancient warehouses, is actually a 1970s construction.

Jack came for another run with me on Thursday - his ankle finally seems to gave recovered. Yesterday we did an online quiz, but the questions were stupid things like, how much the question-master had got in his current account. Our meals from Allpants arrived yesterday, £50 worth. The first two we've eaten had been large and filling but not very tasty.
I've also got a new Chris Ward sport watch, as the cheap one I bought recently wouldn't connect to Strava, and apparently wanted you to download some other device or it stopped working. So while we were in Hampstead I was getting notifications from my watch - Noor asking about cooking and Graham B about football.