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2020-05-02 17:08:14 (UTC)

Good Grief


What a morning. Up since 1am.
Took 13 bags to the recycling center and still didn’t get it all.
Took 9 bags of trash and still didn’t get it all.
Thank you so much Bear. It was all crap left on the porch.

I spent almost an hour plus on the bath tub itself. Made the mistake of cleaning with comet, then, I thought I rinsed well, and used concentration bleach and I recon it wasn’t rinsed well, I got sick within 2 minutes, couldn’t breath, and Sheldon had to cut the fan on and we left the house to do trash and recycling and within an hour or so, we got back and it was clear to come in.

Cleaned my truck out, and nailed the trailer hitch that is illegal, it’s out 7 inches so nailed it hard, black bruise mediately. Man it hurt.

Got my new pink pots and pans washed and put up.
Did two loads of laundry.

But, I’m going to finish doing laundry and make lunch and finish the spare bathroom, and go from there.