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2020-05-02 18:23:13 (UTC)

Here's a Thought

Here's the thing. Sometimes I'm astounded how people make such an effort to label themselves in an attempt to set themselves apart from others only to end up following the natural order of things. I suppose, if you don't know or you're not aware of the rules then you might not know how you could end up following them. That's the beauty about awareness, it makes way for understanding. With understanding, there might be control.

I've been thinking about observation. Mostly, I used to think that observing is a passive activity because it prevents you from taking action. On second thought, I realised it wasn't passive in the same way being neutral can be passive. No, observing requires specific attention and focus on certain aspects, that's far from having a neutral perspective. When you observe, you watch for something or someone, rather than simply seeing everything. And when you watch for something, you're in the danger of seeing what you want to see.

Food for thought.