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2020-05-02 00:14:20 (UTC)

I am a badass!!! 👍

I think I figured it out!! Problem at work. Microsoft is blaming us, our Network for the problem with slow response issues into their "Azure Cloud" environment. Yes, I'm rolling my eyes when I say this. Almost fricking embarrassing to talk techie. Anyway, even though I have a big dept to work with, they left me out to hang leaving me to troubleshoot the problem against two dozen Microsoft Engineers and maybe 1/2 dozen customer's IT staff. Of course, there are customer execs that want to pretend they know more than they actually do and try to say crap that they have no clue what they're talking about.

Anyway, I had to figure out how to use this new tool that I don't use at all. It's what we call a sniffer made by Riverbed. A sniffer is simply like a detective trying to find out what isn't working right. Well, I don't know how to use it and even if I ran something and it came out with a reading or output, I wouldn't know how to read it correctly. So what do I do? I figure it out. I hack my way into learning how to use it and I figure out what the output it sends out means. And....voila!!! I know pretty much what the problem is. It is on the Microsoft end and their equipment. I can't wait to tell the 2 dozen Microsoft Engineers and 1/2 dozen customer IT staff that the problem is on their end. There will be a lot of Microsoft Engineers eating crow, humble pie, and whatever else I can't think of right now. I'm so proud of myself. Effing aye!!! This is a guy from Hawaii, not knowing IT crap at the time, fishing, playing darts, going to cock fights, and all the cultural things people in Hawaii did. Now I just shut a bunch of fancy talking Microsoft Engineers in their fancy suits to kiss my ass and that they made a mistake on their end. Hahahaha.

So yeah, feeling pretty pretty good. Time to celebrate. I attended my "equipment optional" gym class today. I had all the things they used. I have a resistance band and dumbbells. I like this class better than the body weight class. I think I'll start going to more of these sessions instead. I added weights for all my workouts. Sumo squats, pulsating regular squats, and curtsy lunges. For donkey kicks, I used resistance bands. All good. Coach was giving me kudos on the squats I was doing going way below 90 degrees down, pulsating, and with weights. Can't reply as they must all of today's 80 members so I just used hand signals like a thumbs up. They don't know that I record the session with Quicktime. I replay and take notes and use the notes. That's how I teach my class when I host. I just copy what we do at my gym, use the notes to tell me what to do. :) After class, I practiced some jump rope tricks. I'm getting

Today, I wore this cologne. Y Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent, Another buy and thank me later. It smells good. Lasts all day. Again, the scent changes when it's mixed with perspiration. It was a hot day today and I was dripping during working out. I sweat a lot when it's hot. Today was no exception.

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