from my heart
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2020-05-01 09:41:53 (UTC)


5:42 am

i feel so numb. i can say that although i got a lot better at handling my emotions, today was hard. today wasnt that good of a day. and well i guess thats okay.

the only thing im proud of is that i did a lot of work for my classes and i enrolled to the college i want to go to. i broke down crying though because i didnt know how to enroll. i asked this dude from school and he was really helpful so im thankful about that.

i also had to take the trash out and i was feeling so frustrated i wanted to scream so bad. it was in such a long time where i felt and urge to just jump into the streets and pray i get hit. i know i dont want to die lol.

i just feel like its hard. im trying so hard to be this strong girl. i give advice to everybody but i cant take mine for myself.

sorry if i am not really making sense right now. im sleepy lol

i just kind of wish i could be weak in front of somebody. like completely break down and cry and they wont freak out or run away. but its hard when everybodys breaking down in front of me and i have to be strong for everybody.

honestly i dont even know what im saying. i should be thankful lol. i guess tomorrow i will just do my work and be well, sad.

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