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2020-04-30 20:33:08 (UTC)

Fun and funny day 😇

Drove to work today. It was relatively busy. Attended a conference call. Had a guy present to us his automatic process and procedures for our SDWAN migration for all our customer's routers. We're talking something like 4,00-5,000 routers to migrate. All fancy talk but it's sort of like just upgrading your old car to this new car that's fully loaded and it's even cheaper to migrate. So that's what's involved.

After the presentation, the speaker asked if there were any questions? No one asked. I did. I asked questions some Engineers didn't even think of. The speaker kept saying good question. I think I was one of the few that did because a lot of people in attendance didn't even understand what the guy was saying in the first place. All this of course was to show off a little. Hiring Supervisor was present on the call and I wanted him to eat crow a little bit. Haha. Like I said, self improvement for myself is still a work in progress. 😇 Work went by so quickly. I helped a firewall person make a firewall change on an SRX (That's a Juniper firewall). We have something like 8 different types of firewalls from so many makes so I can't blame her for not knowing how to configure this firewall. Work was done just like that and it felt like I just got there.

After work, got home. Sat my butt down for 10 min then I had to get ready for gym class. I also sprayed some Creed Aventus on me before my workout. I wanted to see how the cologne scent changed after mixing with my body sweat. It was an AMRAP day so you go as fast as you want in a set amount of minutes. I don't know what i did or what I ate, but I had some pop today. Yeah, there are days I feel like a sloth. But today? Holy cow!! I was killing it with my burpees. I just had the energy. I think I actually had a decent amount of sleep the night before maybe. Hmmm. I'm also been drinking so much water too. After my workout, I checked and I'm back down to 162 lbs. Whew!! Getting closer. Just a couple more pounds to go. I think by the end of this or next week, I'll be back at my normal BMI. And, the smell of the cologne really changed it's scent when mixed with my sweat. It smelled pretty good I think. But then again, my vote don't count. Only a woman's would. So....this test is to be continued.

After gym, I took a breather. During that time, my friend Heidi called and said her friends were complaining that I was spending too much time with her and the other ladies doing gym classes and wanted a girls night out. Probably drinking. Not sure if it's to a home meet or via zoom. I was cool with it. I really pushed it today so I was tired anyway. So I cancelled today's gym class that I was going to host but Heidi is so thankful. She says she can fit in some of her older clothes now and is liking the results.

It was too early for me to have dinner. I didn't want to turn to a vegetable and just turn on the tv. But I had already stripped down just to my boxers and workout shirt. Now is where I got stupid. I had this thought. I never saw a guy jump rope naked before. So... took off my boxers, left my shirt on, put on my shoes and tried it. There is a mirror in the garage so I can check to make sure I'm positioning my body correctly during workouts. Well...hehehe. I gave it a try. Shoes and short workout shirt is all I had on. Grabbed my jump rope and started jumping. Hahahahaha. I never laughed this hard all month. It was so fricking funny to see. My boys were flying all over the place. I just couldn't stop laughing. No vids for this will be taken or posted ever. Just know that this was one of the stooopidest and funniest things I've done in a long time. Anyway, after a couple hundred jumps, I thought I'd better stop. Not wanting to ever have kids again but I don't want to not have kids because of what I did today. If in the morning I have my occasionally issue, I'm going to try jump roping again to see what happens. 😁

Oh yeah, our Gov or State extended our Quarantine, Stay at home, whatever it is we're calling it nowadays till May 22nd. As you can tell, it's tragically effecting me immensely :) Haha. Smile folks. Just for 15 seconds. It may be the best feeling you had all day. That's all I got for now peeps. If I stay up late and if I get tired of the TV, I'll get back on here and post something stupid. I'll try another cologne tonight after my shower. Oh yeah, Creed Aventus? Thumbs up. Get it if you can and as before, you can thank me later.

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