god i love getting my feelings hurt
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2020-04-30 11:52:46 (UTC)

the hazy feeling of being high

i think it's been two weeks since i last smoked and weed or wax. I miss it. its self destructive i know but it's my only coping mechanism. i miss the way i was able to think of things without feeling sad about it. I miss carts mostly. those don't let you think. well they do but it makes you think too fast or without bad emotions. sometimes i yearn for those moments of haze where nothing really matters. you don't care about the fucked up future you're dreading or the past. it's just in the moment. the way the sun comes in through the window and hits the wall just right. the walk through a suburban neighborhood. Quiet, not a worry in the world. yeah i miss it. Too bad i can't ask for money