god i love getting my feelings hurt
2020-04-30 11:38:50 (UTC)

night me and daytime me aren't the same person

woah okay so im kinda dramatic. ew it's really embarrassing thinking back on how i felt last night. i really got sad over M deleting the post he had of me. it's understandable and expected but honestly a pussy move. it's like erasing and acting like something didn't happen. but i should already be accostume to his actions. he moved QUICK tho as Chris mentioned this morning. i did say i hated him tho. but can you blame me. after he left after he promised he wouldn't. I know im holding on to the anger so i wont have to deal with the pain but the truth is im passed the pain and now I'm just angry. I'm angry at myself for sure for my mommy and daddy issues getting in the way of my relationship and ruining it. but also at him. because he was aware of those issues. i showed him how fragile and vulnerable i actually was and after all those confessions he hugged and told me i never have to worry about him leaving. but he did. he left me alone during the worst time of my life. he left because he didn't want to deal with them .guys only like mentally ill girls because they're different and they are intense but when they realize the issues they deal with they leave